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Home News: "Mid-Autumn Festival, Happy Reunion" series of community activities

For rich community activities, promoting friendly interaction in the neighborhood, let the owners gather together, feel the human care of the property service, create a strong festive atmosphere, Yatai New Village, urban scenery, city gate and other residential property service centers in the Mid-Autumn Festival In the midst of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival was held with the theme of “Mid-Autumn Festival, Happy Reunion” as a theme of guessing riddles, moon cakes, and lottery gifts.

The Mid-Autumn Festival of Yatai New Village focuses on game programs, focusing on attracting children to participate in the community cultural activities in the form of small hand-drawn hands.

Yatai New Village Mid-Autumn Festival
The game program is rich and colorful, and the prizes are also very rich. In addition, there are delicious moon cakes, watermelons and other foods. The guessing riddles and lottery items, the men, women and children, the children are enthusiastic, the enthusiasm is high, the momentum is full, and the atmosphere is pushed to the climax. 

The scene of the city landscape event also invited the teachers of the early education center to plan the on-site painting links, so that the activities further added rich content. The children on the scene were filled with joyful, happy smiles, and the prizes held by everyone in hand, showing the results of the event.

City scenery, Mid-Autumn Festival, children are drawing carefully
The scene of the event was filled with a peaceful atmosphere. There were both old-fashioned owners with hair-white but still refreshing, and lively and lovely children. Some middle-aged owners also came to participate.

Mid-Autumn Festival scene of city scenery
The city's gates are rich in activities, including ferrule activities for all ages, children's favorite darts, and brain-thinking riddles. This event adds a new project "nunchaku" And Kung Fu exercises, everyone is happy.

Mid-Autumn Festival of the City Gate
The service center also prepared a generous activity prize, which was rewarded with a lot of cheers and cheers on the scene. The whole event was filled with joy and laughter.

City Gate, the elderly and children happy to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival
The launch of the Mid-Autumn Festival series of activities has enhanced the communication and mutual exchanges between the neighbors of the community, which has brought the distance between the business owners and the property companies closer, and created a harmonious atmosphere like a large family. The event was a complete success and laid a good foundation for the smooth development of the company's property services.