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Communication, the width and height of the workplace | Zhongtian University lectures training sharing

At 19 o'clock on the evening of February 28, 2017, Zhongtian College was honoured to invite Ye Shaobin, the assistant to the president of the group and the chief executive of the human resources, to share the training of “The Way of Communication, the Width and Height of the Workplace”. As the first training after the New Year, focusing on how to achieve perfect acceleration through communication in the workplace, it attracted hundreds of colleagues to sign up and participate in the event.

Before the opening, a video of the customer service hotline about "Down Duck (Daozizi)" made the friends here more laugh and resonate. At the same time, a small communication hotline was revealed. With so much information asymmetry, communication is not on the same channel, let alone communication at work?

Mr. Ye said in the words of Matsushita Yukisuke - "Business management used to be communication, now communication, and communication in the future." The importance of communication to companies and even individuals is that all our intentions are through communication. To achieve.

If the one-way instruction is the unilateral transmission of knowledge, then through the simulation and practice of the actual situation in the work, two-way interactive communication is realized, and the refinement of the viewpoint and the resumption of communication are jointly carried out. Xiao Bian believes that this is the greatest value of this communication class. With problems and returning to the actual work scene, Ye always discussed the communication of the workplace with his friends in a shared and interactive way.

1. The purpose of communication, the letter and property Zhang Shasha and Lin Xiaojun respectively carried out a wonderful dialogue and dialogue with Ye Zong from the empathy and breaking the serious atmosphere. In order to help colleagues who are affected by performance achievements and lead to mentality to get out of the woods as soon as possible . Communication from different perspectives is to solve problems or help solve problems.

2, the way of communication, "how to end the call", "how to express dissatisfaction", "how to improve communication with superiors" as a problem point, through everyone's enthusiastic answer, formed a consensus: communication is more important than communication itself, Emotions will affect the effectiveness of communication, and it is necessary to iterate your communication habits.

3. The cost of communication, with the “meeting notice” as the context of discussion, Li Youying of real estate and Li Meiyan of Yinfeng Garden Hotel believe that WeChat and telephone are the most timely communication channels in the emergency meeting notice. However, the participants are ignored and will receive WeChat or telephone information in a timely manner. Therefore, it is possible to ensure that all personnel participate in the meeting in a timely manner by taking a step forward and multi-directional offline notification.

4. The content of communication. The best habit is to find the "pain point" of communication and prepare 5 questions. With the solution, always prepare the notebook for recording. It can be seen that good habits will also enhance the effectiveness of our communication.
5. Information is symmetrical and results are fed back. This is what I often think of in our work, "I thought you know...", which led to various faults in information and various impediments to work. How to avoid? Ye Zongyi's information sharing is the "pushing device" of communication. The result feedback is the "one foot" of communication. It is a point of view and tells everyone that all information channels should be confirmed in time.
6, the problem is solved. Of course, don't expect to communicate once to solve the problem, form a communication "high pressure" to stick it up, paste it, and solve the problem will be much more.
7. The best way to communicate on the right is to think in terms of empathy and treat yourself as a “supervisor”.
8. The art of speaking, through the same paragraph, is explained by different characters, and the feelings brought to others are completely different. It can be seen that communication will vary from audience to audience.

Finally, Ye always presents the core point of communication.
1. Why is the economy commonly used to express mathematical formulas? It is used to analyze the phenomenon of the economy, the logical structure of the business situation of the enterprise, and to provide the analyst with the analysis elements of the problem. (This method is also suitable for communication)
2, communication will also marginal attenuation
3. Communication also needs innovation

The training is coming to an end. Ye always tells everyone through the video “Give the best communication” that all the communication methods and methods in our daily work are only at the level of communication “skill”, and the winning magic of communication is to give, The giving of emotions, the willingness to give.

The tearful video, a memorable passage, I believe that this training will become a new starting point for us to improve communication. Application, re-integration and improvement will make communication truly a boost in our workplace and achieve a new leap. growing up.