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Festival Special | "Positive Discipline - How Parents Practice" Training Sharing

On March 7, 2017, Zhongtian College launched a parent-child education theme training, “Positive Discipline Education – How Parents Practiced”, and invited Mr. Qiu Jian, a certified teacher of Dongguan Aifang Parent School and Positive Correctional School, as the parents of Zhongtian. Describe how to apply the “positive discipline” parenting tools, easily cope with the problems in parent-child education, and achieve more comprehensive development of children.

—— Let us review the course of the day together——

At 2:30 in the afternoon, the training started in a warm and loving atmosphere with a warm-up game of “fist and fist”. Parents have two teams, one side clenches the fist and the other tries to open the fist. The moms and dads are doing their best to complete their tasks. Everyone is happy and laughs. Starting from a simple little game, let everyone experience the role transition between parents and children. It is realized that if you use improper attitudes in parenting, it will be counterproductive, resulting in more bad feelings and bad behaviors.

In response to the child's problems, each parent rushed to speak, disobedient, tempered, doing things drag, playing video games, talking back, not confident... originally, these problems were common to every child.

Combined with the children's symptoms, Mr. Qiu led parents to think and behave, asking parents what qualities they should have when they want to grow to 25 years old. The parents here actively promoted their thinking. Most parents expect children to become independent, confident, kind, and responsible. Undoubtedly, every parent wants their children to have good quality, sound personality, and comprehensive development. Family education is a very important part of the growth stage, and it has the most far-reaching educational methods for children.

Through the scenario case, two parents took the initiative to experience the feelings of “children”. In the face of the speech education of other “parents”, they realized the contrast between encouragement and praise, so that everyone can understand that the praise will be controlled to a certain extent. Deprivation of the child's self-achievement, and the encouraged education method will respect the child, recognize the child's sense of value, and let the child gain independent and confident quality. At the same time, the agreement is also an effective tool to train children to be responsible for self-discipline, instead of punishment and logical consequences. That is, "Encourage to replace 嘮叨, agree to replace the stipulations" advocated by Mr. Qiu.

All in all, parents should repeatedly use encouragement in their lives, pay attention to their feelings and thoughts about problem events, let children choose their own methods, set a time limit, follow up, understand, and understand the child's execution, with equal and reasonable behavior. Give your child more positive guidance.

Thanks to Mr. Qiu for his practical sharing, he opened the hearts of his parents with humorous and interesting scenarios, and let the parents present to gain the power of education and how to solve the children's problems from the child's point of view. In the final analysis, solve the children's problems. Bad problems depend on parents. As parents, it is the best way to learn for children, to change for children, to use more appropriate education for children to develop more comprehensively - encouragement and positive education.