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TTT Training Sharing|How to let internal trainers improve their training skills and enhance public presentation?

5月On May 27th, Zhongtian College invited Shenzhen Yice Senior Trainer Ren Xufeng to bring an in-house training class, which attracted the active participation of 50 participants. This training combines the actual situation of the trainees with the knowledge guidance of the lecturers. It not only integrates the self-study feelings on the knowledge level, but also enhances the instructional skills of the internal trainers from the action.

At the beginning of the training, the site was randomly grouped and the students were randomly divided into six groups. Starting from the meaning of enterprise training, it emphasizes the importance of training to enterprises and individuals. Training should be based on enterprise development, focusing on individual level of skills and value recognition, in order to form a continuous and effective training operation for enterprises. And personally solve more problems.

In the interactive session, the students take turns to give speeches as lectures in the classroom. Each lecture is reviewed by the teacher. Whether it is the "each group of students characteristics, classroom learning objectives" speech elaborated by the team leader, or the "one-minute impromptu speech" of the other students, the teacher summed up the common e-xpressions in the speech through humorous and interesting teaching methods, and considered the internal training. In the course of the speech, the teacher passed on the knowledge information, and inadvertently transmitted more information noise, including hand shake, stuttering, and pulling clothes. The information conveyed by different postures can be reflected and judged from the body behavior. Therefore, the speaker should consciously reduce the information noise during the speech.

While learning the training skills, the teacher emphasized that the training needs to be centered on the students, emphasizing the improvement of the students after the training. Take a different interpretation of a picture as an example. Question: Is it a good or a bad thing for an adult to have experience? Ren teacher believes that experience is a double-edged sword. The purpose of TTT training is to correct the wrong behavior in adult experience. At the same time, it sums up three skills to overcome tension. First, physical soothing: deep breathing, more gestures, classroom walking, sound Hong Liang; the second is pressure transfer: shifting attention to people, things, or to the transfer of memories; the third is repeated practice: standing in the standing position between the audience screen to simulate exercises, to make a more perfect speech presentation.

In the design of the course design, six kinds of subject organization logic are proposed: space-time method, causal method, problem solving method, contrast method, progressive method, and transformation method. The most commonly used public e-xpression is the space-time method. It demonstrates its own viewpoints in multiple dimensions through the elaboration of certain things at different times and in different spaces. Secondly, the contrast method, the speaker can refer to the benchmarking enterprise and pass the market peers. The average level is compared, compared to their past comparisons, and compared with customer needs to strengthen their own views and enhance their ability to express.

Finally, in the PPT optimization design process, the teacher taught everyone how to make the content document a clear and excellent PPT within two hours? The first step is to simplify: to cut, type, and refine the content; then to structure, to use SmartArt graphics, to use more catalogs, tables; the third step is to visualize, including aligning text, font images The element breaks the border, and the font color uses the background color and so on.

The one-day training has finally come to an end. After the training, the partners have gained a lot of practical skills improvement. I hope that the partners can correct the existing e-xpression errors, get training upgrades, and use the teaching skills flexibly in the future work for personal improvement. The core competition also advances for the company to cultivate a new batch of internal trainers.

Note: If the participants need a personal lecture speech video to re-submit, you can go to the president's office Huang Zijun (extension 899) to extract.