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Zhongtian · Vanke on sale New Golden Mile Pine Lake
Zhongtian ? Vanke Golden Mile on sale in the Pine Lake Pine Lake Golden Mile project, Building 6, the main push 93 square meters and 129 square meters 3 bedrooms new, just need to fit the needs of consumers. Meanwhile, the project will soon be the new push next to the main entrance of 38-50 square meters on the street.
Yinfeng International Adds new
Recently, Zhongtian's Yinfeng International Hotel Management Company successfully bid for a high-end residential clubhouse projects. The project is located in Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park in Pine Lake Garden, positioned as catering, hotel, sports, boutique shopping and other functions in one simple resort clubhouse will be built Pine Lake Gardens Owners and foreign tourists comprehensive and thoughtful service of high-end clubs.
Lianke International Research Center is listed as a provincial and municipal key project
After last for six months to all aspects of the fight, Availink Information Industry of Guangdong Investment Limited "Dongguan Unitech International Information Industry Research Center" project on December 4 provincial key projects successfully filing for approval, the project construction has made important the initial results, but also for the next phase of the work carried out smoothly provides an important safeguard.
Group employees to carry out job knowledge test
According to our recent work arrangements, in order to effectively enhance the Group and its affiliated companies the skills of workers, the Group continued to adapt to the rapid development of a comprehensive general requirements, starting this month, the group will be organized from time to time staff job knowledge tests. As the first batch of test subjects, Dec. 6 at noon, nearly 40 people from Sky Realty and Wan Division staff participated in the test.
Promote communication without borders, from the staff to listen to the sound! 2 November afternoon, "face to face with the management," Sharon Granville Building, third floor conference room, Group Managing Director and CEO Mr. Zhang Yukai from all the company's employees gathered on the various issues of concern to the staff of the exchanges and discussions.