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Together to create the new century transit Vanke Long Run Park to develop into a trend
Guangdong Dongguan Vanke transit and developed increasingly close cooperation, in addition to Golden Mile, Washington, Golden Pine Lake, Pine Lake centers, Vanke projects in Tangxia Long Run Park, there has been Zhongtian figure. The project will be Guangdong transit, Dongguan Vanke, the new century, the three major real estate giant to create a joint estate.
Recognize Wan Xianglin: With you, Green Future
In mid-April , China Merchants Bank branch in Dongguan and Dongguan Liao Bu Town Government jointly organized the " Green Future with you " star enterprise customers adopt CMB Wan Hong Lin cum tree planting charity , in spirit LiaoBu Buddhism Lake Country Park officially opened. 
• Central Square Hundred Days auspicious transit numerous manners Sheng Hui city
April 16, at South City's transit · CLD fireworks lit the central plaza, may sound, long-awaited "Hundred Days Celebration, Sheng Hui city" campaign in the midst of the crowd kicked off in the next two weeks, the central plaza joint venue size businesses launched numerous manners, one hundred days to really open the mind of the new and old customers letter.
Zhongtian • Vanke
March 26, transit • Vanke Golden Pine Lake Project held a grand room number preselection activities, which launched multiple offers, attracting a large number of customers come to the election room. In the event, everywhere surging crowd, customized election room atmosphere was very warm, and even seen on competition for the room number of customers unrest.
Special education: from an authoritative expert brainstorming
To further enhance the Group and its management, and financial officers of capital operation and management level, and enhance enterprise operating in the process of financing and risk-resisting ability, March 31, the Group's financial management of specially invited experts, Tsinghua Dr. Zhou Li, Professor of Accounting at the Silver World Garden Hotel held a workshop entitled "the real estate capital operation and financial management,