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"Home Feng Shui Common Sense" Lecture
July 26, organized by the transit club "home feng shui knowledge" lecture, in Zhongwei Building, third floor conference room as scheduled, lectures invited famous Hong Kong feng shui master Duane Jie, Mr. Speaker, it is a typical case and the people in the home building , decoration, furnishings and other aspects need to pay attention to the common sense to do a detailed explanation.
Delegation to visit Shanghai Tian Wan Town exchange visits
July 18, Director of the Group CEO Mr. Zhang Yukai transit Vantown executives bring his entourage went to Shanghai to study or has visited the unified circulation times super Logistics Group Shanghai Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Commission Jiading Industrial Zone Management Committee, and to their strategic development ideas, business model, partnership opportunities and methods depth exchanges and discussions.
The Group held the "Vanke Cost Management and Control Sharing" exchange meeting
As a project, or cost, finance, management-related staff positions, you want to know the development costs of Vanke do? Vanke cost management want to learn it? Want to know transit and Vanke joined forces to develop the "transit ? million colones Run Park" project is how to achieve development costs down it? Related staff positions in order to improve professional knowledge and professional competence,
Guangdong New US bidders Nanchang Honggutan a commercial site
July 5th, Guangdong Sino Industrial Investment Development Limited for 489 million yuan successful photograph Nanchang Honggutan commercial and financial sites. The site is ideally located in Nanchang Honggutan Jinjiang Road, south west of Jiangxi Jiangbei Road, project planning construction area of over 200,000 urban high-rise business complex, the project will be built in Nanchang CBD landmarks.
Southland Nga 90-130 square wangjiang new opening sales throughout the city
June 30, nave southern Nga 90-130 grand opening party wangjiang new, fresh off the day and 9 percent increase pushed through the congregation, selling momentum out of control, sensation throughout Dongguan property market, on the last day in the six months to pay property market in Dongguan on a perfect answer.