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"Looking for" micro-movie, will be broadcast at the Dongguan Radio Broadcasting Center

On August 23, the "Looking For" micro-movie short film collection produced by Zhongtian Creative Valley made an unprecedented success at the premiere of Dongguan Cinema. Subsequently, the film was also honored to participate in the “original DV contest” currently being held by Dongguan TV Station. The popularity of the “Looking For” micro-movie short film collection continues to increase, and more and more citizens are expecting to see the film in the morning.

Changan Town Government leaders visited Lianfeng Creative Valley to visit

At 3 pm on August 22, the leadership team of Chang'an Town Government visited Lianfeng Creative Valley, one of the “Zhongtian Creative Valley” projects, Mr. Zhang Yukai, President of Zhongtian Group, Mr. Ma Jianhuai, Executive of Zhongtian Group, and Ms. Ma Jinling, Assistant to the President's Office. Mr. He Bo, the head of Zhongtian Creative Valley Project and the staff, accompanied the staff to inspect the park and also visited the art exhibition center and some featured enterprises in the park.

Services, is productivity - remember Ferrari, Maserati stationed in Granville Mansion
August 6, the Gateway Tower and Shenzhen Jia-hong Trade Development Corporation formally signed it. Zhongwei Building, first floor, will be the Ferrari, Maserati cars in Dongguan and other world exclusive showrooms. By then, the majority of fans will be able to feast their eyes on the Gateway Tower, to see the charm of the world's top luxury cars. Ferrari, Maserati store is expected to open for business at the end of the year.