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The group delegation shared a variety of advanced experiences from Beijing

From August 21st to 24th, the group inspection team led by Zhongtian Wancheng Executive Vice President Zhang Lei, Creative Valley Executive Vice President He Bolin, Zhongtianxin and property manager Qian Ruiping went to Beijing to be in the Beijing branch of the group. With the full support of Tian,

Vanke is close to Zhongtian Creative Industry. Both sides will open up a new world.

After a highly constructive discussion and negotiation between the high-level series of Zhongtian and Vanke, on August 21, Mr. Zhang Yukai, President of the Group and Mr. Wang Haiwu, General Manager of Vanke Dongguan Company, as the representatives of their respective companies, formally signed the strategic cooperation between Zhongtian Creative Valley and Vanke. protocol.

[Zhongtian Creative Valley] The inspection team went to Taiwan to learn and exchange the advanced experience of the cultural and creative industry.

From August 4th to 7th, the group inspection team led by Executive Director of Zhongtian Creative Valley, He Bolin, went to Taipei to visit and inspect some of Taipei's famous cultural and creative parks with the help of colleagues from the Taiwan office of the group. A number of local celebrities in the local cultural and creative circles held a number of learning exchanges to learn about Taiwan's advanced practices in the field of cultural and creative fields, docking resources and exploring ways to land in Dongguan.

[Group] administrative headquarters Personnel Center to organize a new one new employee orientation

In order to help new employees of the Group's companies fully understand Zhongtian, they will quickly integrate into Zhongtian Life. On August 1, the Group's Administrative Personnel Center organized a new phase of induction training for new employees.