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Transit plaza: Transformers brought sixty-one Day blessing
Remember swept the world in the movie "Transformers" series, mighty Autobot leader "Optimus Prime" and the wise and brave "Hornet" do? That can really makes a rising popularity! From 1984 Transformers "birth" of the date they have been loved by the people and sought after, it can be said, whether adults or children, all the audience has a heart deep Transformers complex.
Pan Xinchao, member of the Standing Committee of Dongguan Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda, visited and guided the two special projects of Zhongtian Group

In order to fully understand the development of Dongguan's innovation drive, today, Dongguan Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and Propaganda Minister Pan Xinchao and his entourage visited the Dongguan Foreign Trade Transformation and Support Service Center and V-work Maker Center in Zhongtian Creative Valley, Guancheng. Characteristic projects, inspect the construction of the project, and provide constructive guidance on the further development of the project. Liu Linhong, secretary of the Wancheng District Party Committee, accompanied the investigation.

Government and enterprise co-construction, Dongguan Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Support Service Center, Zhongtian Creative Valley officially opened operation

This morning, the four major government departments of Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, Dongguan Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Bureau and Dongguan Guancheng Sub-district Office jointly created and unified the operation of Guangdong Zhongtian Creative Industry Investment Co., Ltd. The upgrade support service center held an unveiling ceremony at Zhongtian Lianfeng Creative Valley, announcing the official operation of the “one-stop” public service platform for foreign trade transformation and upgrading of “political and enterprise construction”.