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The Foshan Municipal Party Committee and the Political Science and Research Office visited the International Financial Innovation Park.

On February 16th, the deputy secretary-general of the Foshan Municipal Committee and the director of the Political Research Office of the Municipal Party Committee (Reform Office) Zhang Chaozhi and other leaders visited the Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park, and Li Gaoming, director of the Policy Research Office of the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) Administrative Committee. The leader is accompanied. Xie Qiao, chief operating officer of the International Finance Innovation Park, warmly received a delegation.

Zhang Jianrong, deputy head of Nancheng District, Dongguan, opened the first station in Chunchun to visit the research and inspection of Lianke

On February 7, 2017, Zhang Jianrong, deputy head of Dongguan Nancheng District, Lin Qiang, director of the Science and Technology Office, Zhong Weihua, director of the Economic and Trade Office, Li Jianping, director of the Financial Office, and Zhang Jiwen, director of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, visited the Lianke International Information Industry Park. The research and development of the park, the needs of enterprises, and the promotion of the “multiplier plan” policy are the first stop for the research work after the Spring Festival in Nancheng District.