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Mission must be brave and forward - Zhongtian executives go to Guizhou for three days and two nights to expand training

From April 21st to 23rd, 19 senior executives of Zhongtian Group entered the Red Revolutionary Base in Guizhou and carried out the training of “The mission must be bravely forwarded to the letter to Garcia”. Three days and two nights, after many tests such as physical strength, intelligence, teamwork, etc., the mission of “delivering the letter” was finally completed, demonstrating the spirit of “Rovin” of the Zhongtian team’s firm belief and mission!

Zhongtian helps public welfare culture service|The town and town jointly built the "Pioneer Assembly" public welfare brand conference was a complete success

On the afternoon of April 15th, the Dongguan Cultural Center and the Guancheng Cultural Service Center jointly hosted the Dongguan Cultural Volunteers Association, the Cultural Weekend Drama Club, and the Workers and Peasants No. 8 jointly organized by the town (street) to build a cultural and artistic brand – The Pioneer Assembly No. "public welfare cultural event brand press conference was held at the Workers and Peasants No. 8 Pioneer Theater.

Huang Chaodong, deputy director of the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, led a team to inspect the department and highly evaluated the development of the e-commerce industry in the park.

On April 13th, Huang Chaodong, deputy director of the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Ke Litian, director of the Nancheng District Business Office, and other leaders of the Dongguan E-Commerce Association Zheng Jianke and Humen E-commerce Industrial Park Chairman Wang Wei, etc. Ouyang Feng, Chairman and President of Zhongtian Co., Ltd., accompanied by He Bo, Deputy General Manager of Industry Zhongtian, and Yang Bo, CEO of Lianke International Information Industry Park, visited Lianke International Information Industry Park and focused on the development of e-commerce in the park.

Industry Zhongtian|Lianke brings park enterprises to Taiwan to sign three modern service industry cooperation projects

From April 5th to 7th, Chen Guiming, secretary of the Party Committee of Dongguan Nancheng Street, led a delegation to Taiwan to carry out investment activities for modern service industry exchanges, and held the “Dongguan Nancheng Modern Service Industry Investment Exchange Conference”.