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Happy New Year transit
On the evening of December 31, 2009, Guangdong Zhongtian Group held the “Happy Zhongtian ------2010 New Year Carnival” event at the Yinfeng Garden Hotel in Dongguan. The atmosphere of the whole event was warm, joyful and peaceful, reflecting the spirit of Zhongtian people's cohesive spirit and the charm of showing charm. The event was organized by the group headquarters, and the group's president, Zhang Yukai, attended the event with the group's senior staff. More than 200 employees attended Litong Real Estate, Yinfeng Property, Yinfeng Garden Hotel, Yinfeng Holiday Hotel and Zhongtian Industry.

The theme of the event "Happy Zhongtian----2010 New Year Carnival Night". With the loud voice of the two hosts, accompanied by beautiful music, the event kicked off. First, President Zhang Yukai gave a high-level speech and toasted greetings to the teams. In the toasting and clinking, I really felt a kind of warmth and sincerity. And caring, this kind of emotion and friendship originated from the Zhongtian team, which originated from Zhongtian people. After dinner, the staff enjoyed the wonderful performances, solo solo, song and dance performances, etc. The waves were higher than the waves, and the whole event was pushed to the climax with the dance, and the employees held the balloon to grow up or In a circle, singing and dancing, cheerful rhythm, relaxed mood, wonderful music, the scene is a sea of songs, the ocean of dance, the ocean of people,,,,,,

The Year of the Ox is advancing with joy, and the Year of the Tiger is a heroic show. Happy Zhongtian, passionate, and fascinating, all in one, Fang Xian Harmony team. It should also be proved that the Zhongtian people are full of rivers and rivers. Comprehend from this: the potential of the team is erupting, the value of the team is improving, the strength of the team is derived from Zhongtian, and the soil of Zhongtian is bred in the middle of the sky, and it is thick and thin, and all of them are tough.