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In the 2009 financial work conference held in Dongguan Silver World Garden Hotel
On December 25, 2009, Guangdong Zhongtian Group held the 2009 Group Financial Work Conference at Yinfeng Garden Hotel. Group President Zhang Yukai and Chief Financial Officer Liang Lisen attended the meeting. Mr. Zhang Yukai fully affirmed the Group's successful financial tsunami in 2009 and achieved results. At the same time, he informed the group's work direction and major projects in 2010, and encouraged the participants to unite and forge ahead to meet new challenges. The participants included Zhongtian Litong Real Estate, Xincheng Guarantee, Yinfeng Garden Hotel, Zhongtian Industry, Zhongxu, Yinfeng Property, Xintong, Zhongwan, Xinxu, Juntai and other related companies, totaling more than 25 people.

The focus of the meeting was to unify the 2009 year-end financial settlement work, summarize the 2009 financial work of the group, and arrange the deployment of the 2010 financial work plan and key work arrangements. At the meeting, Chief Financial Officer Liang Lisen made specific arrangements and deployments to strengthen the financial management of the Group in 2010 and improve the capital operation capability. First, the “Implementation Group Financial Inspection System ---- Strengthening the Internal Accounting Control Trial Measures”; second, the Group Financial Management Center will organize a group-wide asset inventory and financial inspection work in the near future, and form a system every quarter. The third is that the group funds operate in a centralized management mode, the fund settlement department will arrange funds according to the group's capital position; the fourth is to analyze the group's capital operation, operation, investment and financing, corporate mergers and acquisitions and propose future investment strategies.