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Our core team in the second meeting was held at Hotel Bayview
On December 17, 2009, the second meeting of the core team of the Group was held in Yujingwan Hotel, Dongguan. The meeting was hosted by Lin Li, Director of the Group Administration Center. President Zhang Yukai made arrangements for the Group's recent work arrangements and major issues. Deployment. There were more than 20 people in the core team members and related personnel who attended the meeting.

The meeting focused on the following work arrangements and deployment: First, strengthen administrative management and improve administrative functions; second, further promote performance management and assessment, and do a good job of introducing good experience, promoting it, and not doing it well. Put forward improvement measures and pay close attention to organizational implementation; third, increase attracting and cultivating talents and incentive mechanisms, and promote their own talent promotion. Starting from January 2010, implement the “Zhongtian New Power” talent improvement plan and implement relevant funds. . On the other hand, the implementation of the introduction of talents, from January 31, 2010 to develop the overall program of talent introduction, through the handling of households, the purchase of social security benefits, provide housing incentives, training, further opportunities and other measures to attract talent; Fourth, strengthen corporate culture The focus of construction is to do a good job in Zhongtianwangwang, website construction and publicity management. It is required that the cultural construction and publicity work of each company should clarify the responsible persons and connect with the group, form a consistent and consistent management, and fifthly, to ensure the continued stability of the enterprise. Healthy development, implementation of the company's integrity system code of conduct and normative requirements, the implementation of "Zhongtian Sunshine Action"; sixth is the implementation of Zhongtian "resource linkage", the purpose is to integrate business resources, human resources, and play a greater role, In order to achieve resource sharing; seventh, according to the development needs of the group, some institutions have been adjusted and personnel appointments and dismissals have been notified.

Finally, Zhang Yukai, President of the Group, fully affirmed the achievements of the Group in various tasks in the past year, and encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts in the new year, unite and forge ahead, and create new achievements.