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The second phase of Zhongtian Creative Valley "Godo" and the "2013 Mid-Autumn Salon" were held
On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhongtian Creative Valley held the "2013 Mid-Autumn Festival Salon, Reunion, and Creativity" networking event on September 17, 2013 at the Lianfeng Creative Valley Art Exhibition Center. The theme was "Godo". 》. Mr. Liang Xiaozhi was invited as the host of this event. The guests and guests who were invited to attend the event included representatives from Tianbao Creative Valley, Lianfeng Creative Valley, 769 DreamWorks and friendly partners of Zhongtian Creative Valley. To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The person in charge of Zhongtian Creative Valley and some representatives of the company took a group photo with him.

In order to create a holiday surprise for everyone, Zhongtian Creative Valley carefully planned this Mid-Autumn Festival Salon networking event: not only prepared a wonderful program for everyone, but also prepared elegant silk scarves for each guest present as a meeting, and mellow Coffee, champagne and delicious pastries. It also creatively uses the form of hand-printed sign-in to enhance the fun of the event.

Press the handprint, "Mugu comes." Creative pieces to help, entertain everyone, and be happy

Creative service makes customers feel more cordial

At the same time, in order to enhance the communication and communication between the park enterprises, we also set up a corporate image and creative work display area at the event site, aiming to provide a creative display and communication platform for customers and friends of Zhongtian Creative Valley. Red Dragon Fruit Industry, Italy TUCANO, Dongguan Bank, Fengxing Culture, Ruifeng Audio, Industrial Bank, and wedding dresses have displayed their corporate image and outstanding creative works and special services.

Corporate image, creative work exhibition

The guests at the scene were full of praise for the creation of the Creative Achievements Exhibition and the Creative Pavilion. It is also exciting to see the original art of Dongguan: the original dance and fashion show performed by YMCA Studio. In the lively atmosphere of the scene, everyone seems to be looking forward to the arrival of "Godo", when the lucky draw program carefully prepared by Zhongtian Creative Valley will curse everyone's curiosity.

original dance and fashion show performed by YMCA Studio

Mr. He Bolin, the head of Zhongtian Creative Valley, selected the first prize sponsored by Industrial Bank for the guests.

With the announcement of the first prize coming to an end, Mr. He Bolin, the head of Zhongtian Creative Valley, delivered a speech, saying: “I am honored to be able to gather with the business friends of the park to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2013. Creative Valley and the customers of the park will continue to work hand in hand in the future. Zhongtian Creative Valley will continue to strive to provide quality services to the park enterprises. At the same time, Zhongtian Creative Valley will also be committed to providing more and more " The creative industry development platform, "769 DreamWorks" and "Shangba Red Brick Square" are emerging for everyone's "creative dreams".

The guests from the audience enjoyed the exchange of wine and snacks.

In the applause that everyone screamed for the dream of Creative Valley, the Mid-Autumn Salon event of Creative Valley “Moon Reunion, Yue Creative” ended, but the appeal of our brand is extending. In the future, we will also promote “Sharon” to further promote communication and cooperation. This is also the core value of Creative Valley.
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