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The micro-film collection "Looking For" is grandly released, leading the new trend of local film and television culture
"Looking For" is the first micro-movie short film collection produced by Zhongtian Creative Valley, led by Dongguan Film and Television Culture Promotion Association and produced by Here Design Studio.

Based on the same dream of building “Dongguan Culture, Developing Culture Guancheng”, Zhongtian Creative Valley and the film and television creation teams from overseas, Beishang Guangshen and Dongguan are working at Here Design, Shake Studio, MT Studio, Wu Haoran. Room, Zeng Yizhou Studio, and Zhang Zimu Studio completed the creation of this short film collection of "Looking For". The film consists of six short films, with the background of “Changcheng or Dongguan Culture”, telling a story about “seeking”: from children to the elderly, from Beijing to Budapest, they are all “seeking” in their minds. People or things.

After careful creation and a series of preparatory work, the "Forward For" premiere ceremony was held in August 2013 with the joint efforts of Guancheng Publicity Office, Zhongtian Creative Valley, Here Design and creative team and people from all walks of life. At 8:30 pm on the 23rd, it was held in Dongguan City Cinema.

"Looking For" premiere scene, the main team photo

At the premiere, this micro-film collection, which is animated to connect six short stories, "Watch For", not only attracted film practitioners and enthusiasts from Dongguan and other cities, but also attracted many fans. The audience was fully immersed in the movie, and the mood was ups and downs as the film's plot changed.

Following the successful premiere of the "Forward For" micro-movie short film collection on August 23, the film was also honored to be invited to participate in the "Original DV Contest" hosted by Dongguan Radio and Television, and will be in Dongguan at 7:30 pm on September 15, 2013. City Radio and Television Station No. 1 Broadcasting Hall was publicly presented. Hundreds of spectators attended the film and had a zero-distance exchange with the "Forward For" creative team. The audience who participated in the live Q&A session also received the cat figurine provided by the Zhongtian Creative Valley merchants.

Dongguan Radio and Television Station "Looking For" sharing session, the main team photo

The organizer of the "original DV contest", Dongguan Broadcasting Station, arranged a lottery session for the creative team in the second half of the event. Videohead was fortunate to have a three-year rent-free office provided by Zhongtian Creative Valley.

Dongguan Broadcasting and Television Station "Looking For" sharing session, Zhongtian Creative Valley representatives presented awards to the winners

The success of "Looking For" from the sensation of the premiere to the release of Dongguan Radio and Television Station represents that the local film and television culture is growing rapidly with vigorous power. It can be said that "Forward For" is a new compensation for Dongguan Microfilm. The creators use the visuals of art to show the society and people through the different psychological and emotional changes of different characters through six different styles of short films. The change also reflects the new journey of “seeking” culture in Guancheng’s development process and the new “exploration and pursuit” of urban culture for people living in Dongguan. Just like life is a “seeking” Travel, Dongguan is also a development about "seeking".

The success of "Looking For" has not only won the recognition of people from all walks of life, but also represented the development of cultural and creative industries after Zhongtian Creative Valley succeeded in creating creative industry platforms such as Lianfeng Creative Valley and Tianbao Creative Valley. Efforts and trials have yielded new results. At the same time, the "Dongguan Film and Television Culture Promotion Association" initiated by Zhongtian Creative Valley is preparing to settle in the film and television creation base of Tianbao Creative Valley Phase II, which is about 1,000 square meters. At present, there are excellent film and television creation teams such as Here Design, Shake Studio, MT Studio, Wu Haoran Studio, Zeng Yizhou Studio, Zhang Zimu Studio, etc., and have formed a good atmosphere for film and television culture creation. At that time, Tianbao Creative Valley Film and Television Creation Base will become a platform for exchanges and cooperation between fans in the film and television industry. "Looking For" as the opening work of "Dongguan Film and Television Culture Promotion Association" will write a wonderful new chapter for the development of Dongguan film and television culture, and also bring gathering and demonstration effects to the development of Dongguan film and television creation industry. Zhongtian Creative Valley It will also make more efforts and trials for the development of Dongguan's cultural and creative industries.