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Nancheng Secretary Li Huiqin inspected the Linkage Project
On February 21st, Li Huiqin, secretary of the Dongguan Nancheng Party Committee, visited the Group's Lianke International Information Industry Park to inspect and guide. During the inspection, Secretary Li said that Lianke is a dual-project triple project in Nancheng and the city. It is of great significance. From the inspection, the project is progressing steadily. I hope that Zhongtian will do a good job in follow-up work, especially in Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. The industry's undertaking will gradually transform Lianke into a demonstration project on the road of transformation and upgrading in Dongguan.

At present, the strategic cooperation between Lianke International Information Industry Park and Beijing Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science and Technology Park has gradually deepened. The two sides will jointly build the Zhongguancun High-tech Transfer Demonstration Base to introduce Beijing's technological achievements in Dongguan and form a high-end information industry cluster. It is understood that the demonstration base will focus on the introduction of leading enterprises in the electronic information industry, high-tech enterprise headquarters and innovative technology companies.

In addition, the first phase of the Lianke project is progressing smoothly, and the total amount of the main structural project has been completed 90%. It is expected to be delivered in the second half of 2014. The second phase of Lianke is actively progressing according to the node plan and is scheduled to start in September. After the park is completed and put into production, it will strive to build a professional service platform for “high-tech enterprises, finance, talents” and mutual benefit for high-tech enterprises. At the same time, it will integrate industrial resources, play a multi-effect of innovation center, gather core industries, and link superior resources, and strive to become the future. Dongguan and even the entire Pearl River Delta high-end information industry gathering area.