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Sheraton volt Kerry property for Houjie large runoff plots will be developed in cooperation with transit
On July 20, the 2011G062 plot of Houjie Datun Community, Dongguan Fujia Property Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fujia Property) seized the plot at a reserve price of 216 million yuan, equivalent to a floor price of 2806.07 yuan / square meter.

The Houjie Daxu community has a land area of 51,772 square meters. It is located on the west side of Hujing Road and can be connected to expressways such as Guangshen, Shenhai and Guanfo. The transportation is convenient. The surrounding area has complete living and supporting facilities, adjacent to Henggang Lake, surrounded by villas such as Haiyi Haoting, Guanshan Bishui, and Lakeview No., as well as Haiyi Golf Club and Dongguan Lakeview Resort. place.

It is reported that Fujia Property is a subsidiary of Sheraton Hotel, and the Houjie Daxie Community Block has a close relationship with Zhongtian Real Estate. Zhongtian's Dongguan Yongde Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. will cooperate with Fujia Property on this plot. However, the specific mode of cooperation is not yet fixed.

This is another example of a typical cooperative development. Zhongtian Real Estate has adopted a number of projects for resource integration and cooperation, such as Jinyu Huafu and Jinyu Songhu, which are jointly developed with Dongguan Vanke; and the Songhu Center jointly developed by Dongguan Vanke, Everbright Real Estate and Fengpeng Industrial; Dongguan Vanke and New Century Real Estate jointly developed Langrun Park.

According to industry analysts, Zhongtian Real Estate adopts resource integration to cooperate, which can avoid risks and complement each other, and has a lot of promotion effects on the operation of the whole project.

Under the fog of limited purchases, the Houjie Daxu community plot did not set off the developer's enthusiasm for land acquisition. When it comes to the fog of limited purchases, he continues to take the land. An insider of Zhongtian Real Estate said that “the land is the market demand, and the purchase restriction cannot kill the market demand”. He said that the restriction on purchase mainly inhibits investment speculation demand, and has little effect on rigid demand. Zhongtian Real Estate has always been relatively stable and pragmatic, and the products created are mainly based on just-needed products, and are not afraid of purchase restrictions.

What kind of products will be developed in the Houjie Daxu community plot, the person said that there is no decision yet, and detailed research is needed to locate the products according to market demand.