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Tsinghua Professor Zhongtian starts to explain industrial real estate
Tsinghua Industrial Real Estate President Banter hired lecturer Liu Linglin to attend the group headquarters, she put forward many points in combination with the case.

1. The key elements of the success of the industrial real estate project: urban power + location power + product strength + service power, correct location, half of success; strong operational capability, large site selection, dialectical and complementary.

2. Value judgment of project site selection: a. Profit and cash flow value: business value of project operation; b. Future replacement value: land premium or secondary development value in future urban process; c. Brand value: radiation target area And establish benchmarking projects; d, regional first value: regional market monopoly and discharge status.

3. Park management should focus on creating five service platforms: investment and financing platform, number platform, word park platform, government and enterprise service center and public service platform, professional support, and commercial supporting platform.

4, industrial real estate profit model: land value (development premium, secondary development); property sales (fast cashback, etc.); park management (property management, preferential policies, park business, etc.); supporting development (commercial, residential) Brand value (authorization, chain, shares); capital platform (property capitalization, financing); rolling development.

5, the most ideal for industrial real estate is to rely on financial operations to profit, the method is multi-project rolling or linkage development, capitalizing the property, using projects to finance each other, to obtain spreads or more land resources. (Example: a large number of enclosures in South China City in multiple second-tier cities)