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Zhongtian executives visited the Vanke project management system
On April 17, the group executives of the Group's real estate, industrial parks and hotels visited the Vanke Jinyuexiangshu and Jinyu Songhu projects in Dongguan to inspect Vanke's engineering quality and safety management system, the selection and application of new technologies and new materials. Advanced experience in the field. As the second activity of the Group's 2014 strategic partner inspection plan, this inspection will provide great reference for the project construction work of the Group.

Participating in the inspection activities were Mr. Xie Canhui, General Manager of Zhongtian Real Estate, Deputy General Manager Wang Caihe, Shao Weidong; Executive Deputy General Manager of Zhongtian Wancheng Zhang Lei, Engineering Director Xiang Yufei; Zhongtian Creative Valley Project Leader and other departments responsible for the project There are a total of 21 people, including Lin Li and Ms. Xie Zhenzhen.

The delegation spent more than half a day listening to the PPT explanations of the relevant person in charge of the project, going deeper into the project construction site, observing the new materials and new construction techniques used by Vanke, and understanding Vanke's engineering quality and safety management. Details of the practice.

In the afternoon, on the way back to the group headquarters, each member of the delegation completed an investigation report. After the data of the report of the members of the delegation is entered, it will serve as the main reference for the group to adjust the project management method. Next, the Zhongtian delegation will continue to visit other strategic partners and suppliers to provide an important basis for the Group's strategic decision-making.

Investigation shorthand

Vanke Golden Yuexiang Tree Features:

1 The building structure is divided into two modes: A, traditional operation; B, aluminum mold and interior wall panel work (new process). 2 Use climbing frame construction instead of traditional scaffolding (new process).

Vanke Jinyu Songhu Project Features:

1 Phase I landscaping: low-cost trees and turf, new PC garden bricks and drainage troughs, stone drainage cover 2 second phase to promote "aluminum mold, interior wall panels, high-precision blocks" and other new processes.