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The Group's park set up an “Expert Visiting Day” to help the development of technology companies
On the morning of April 19th, Professor Dai Yuyuan, director of the Qingyan Public Science and Technology Service Center and the Engineering Promotion Center of Tsinghua Industrial Technology Research Institute, visited the company at the Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park Experience Center, and “one-on-one” for three technologies. The company provides professional consulting services to answer questions from the development of the company from a strategic perspective. The event was well received, and the three companies that received the opportunity of “expert visits” all expressed a lot of benefits.

Professor Dai has been the dean of Beijing Tsinghua Institute of Technology since 1998. He has carried out corporate counseling and business incubation, accumulated rich practical experience, and made suggestions for the promotion and development of high-tech enterprises. The event leveraged the expertise and resource advantages of the Dongguan Qingyan Public Technology Service Center to develop differentiated counseling for the park enterprises.

As an important part of the park's operational services, the “Expert Visiting Day” will establish an effective interactive mechanism to organize activities on a regular basis to promote the normalization of communication between experts and entrepreneurs. Enterprises can obtain the opportunity for experts to visit by making an appointment in advance. At the same time, the problems encountered in the development of the enterprise will be communicated with the park in advance, so that the “Expert Visiting Day” will truly serve the development needs of the enterprise.