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[Zhongtian Creative Valley] Guancheng Film and Television Culture Promotion Association produces the first local cultural feature film
On the afternoon of May 15, the film "Chunlan and Dongfanghong" held a press conference at the Bona Cinema in Xinghe City, Dongguan, marking the official launch of the first local literary film in Dongguan, which was launched by the Guancheng Film and Television Culture Promotion Association.

The Guancheng Film and Television Promotion Association was established in 2013 by the “Zhongtian Creative Valley”. The promotion base was established in the Tianbao Creative Valley with rich cultural creativity.

The promotion team has previously filmed the first microfilm collection in Dongguan, "LOOKING FOR", as well as the original MV "I Love Dongguan" and "Dongguan" in Dongguan; the film and television work "I want to go to the Blue Mountains" and other films They have achieved good social repercussions and have been highly praised by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee.

The conference announced that Chunlan and Dongfanghong will start a three-month filming in Hunan and Dongguan from June. It is expected that all editing and production will be completed in October, and it will be held in Guancheng Cultural Weekend Performing Arts Center in November. 2 premieres.

The original crew of the crew said that the film, as the first local literary feature film, hopes to tell the life and emotional history of some characters and characters through the film, and record the mark left by Dongguan during the development of the past 20 years. At the same time, I also hope that with this activity, the Film and Television Promotion Association will be familiar to more and more people, and will be able to play a strong advantage in resource operation and integration, and promote the development of the Dongguan film and television culture industry from practice. purpose.