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[Zhongtian Creative Valley] The first batch of art and creative institutions took the lead in the workers and peasants No. 8
On May 31st, the first waterfront LOFT creative park in Dongguan, built by Zhongtian Creative Valley, was held in the event. The main creative agencies such as Dongdi Warehouse Gallery, Ant Club, Diving Express, and Ze-shaped Advertising were officially signed in the evening, and the third Dongguan University Model Contest Finals was held by Zhongtian Creative Valley. After more than a hundred players competed for one month, they eventually produced the top 21.
Workers and peasants No. 8 covers an area of about 22,000 square meters and has a construction area of about 15,000 square meters. It is built by 23 brick and wood structure warehouses from north to south according to Dongjiang River. It has an original ecological hydrophilic river bank resource of about 800 meters. It was originally 70s. The company directly affiliated to the Dongguan Supply and Marketing Cooperatives: the production materials company and the local production company's agricultural production materials (fertilizer, grain, agricultural tools, cattle and various agricultural production materials, etc.) and local products (red) established by the Dongjiang tributary Boxia River. Important docks and transit warehouses for jute, cassava, honey, firewood, charcoal and red smoke. In the past 30 years, the Workers and Peasants No. 8 witnessed the rapid development of Dongguan's economy since the founding of the People's Republic of China, from the agricultural economy to the industrial economy.
Zhongtian Creative Valley is based on affirming its historical and cultural status, retaining the integrity, authenticity and historical connotation of the original warehouse terminal; digging deep into regional culture and positioning accurately; using modern operation methods, scientific management; using artistic language to enhance architecture The cultural temperament will be built into a first Renaissance demonstration project in Dongguan, the waterfront LOFT creative park, which integrates the functions of cultural creativity, exhibition trade, sightseeing, creative inn and leisure entertainment.
The signing of the main business has marked the official opening of the park, which is the theme of art, creativity and commerce.