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[Zhongtian Creative Valley] The first “Dongguan and Taiwan Creative Development Forum” was successfully held in Lianfeng Creative Valley.
On the morning of July 16, the “Wangtai and Taiwan Cultural and Creative Industry Development Forum” held by Zhongtian Creative Valley was successfully held in Guancheng Lianfeng Creative Valley.
Mr. Huang Zhenming, a member of the National Palace Museum of China Wenchuang Brand Authorized Selection, Mr. Lin Yishun, the general manager of U10 Da Yan International, Mr. Li Jianming, the founder of the company, and the largest private art museum in the Pearl River Delta. Ms. Huang Chen, curator of the museum, also specially invited Mr. Tan Junbo, deputy director of Dongguan Daily, and editor-in-chief of Dongguan Times, and Mr. He Xingguo, consultant of Taiwan Cultural and Creative Park Development Center, to share the Taiwanese language through the form of salon. The successful experience of the industry, to explore how Dongguan and Taiwan can carry out in-depth cooperation in the cultural and creative industries.

It is understood that Taiwan is one of the most developed regions in the global cultural and creative industries. More than a decade ago, the local government has included the “Cultural and Creative Industry Development Plan” as a key promotion project, and has integrated a large number of resources to promote the commercial practice of the cultural and creative industry. In this process, the cultural and creative industry in Taiwan has produced many successful experiences and cases, and it is worth learning and learning from Dongguan, which is also in the stage of industrial transformation.

Zhongtian Creative Valley, which hosted this event, is a professional operation organization for the development of Wenchuang Industrial Park in Dongguan. At present, the organization has built Tianbao Creative Valley, Lianfeng Creative Valley, 769 Dream Factory, Workers and Farmers 8 in Dongguan. The brand's Wenchuang Park has gathered more than 200 cultural and creative enterprises in the advertising, design, IT and other industries, and successfully established a platform for film and television creation bases, college students' entrepreneurial bases, product exhibition halls, etc. in the park. The complete cultural heritage of Wenchuang.