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[Group] administrative headquarters Personnel Center to organize a new one new employee orientation
In order to help new employees of the Group's companies fully understand Zhongtian, they will quickly integrate into Zhongtian Life. On August 1, the Group's Administrative Personnel Center organized a new phase of induction training for new employees. Nearly 30 new employees who came from various companies in the past two months participated in the training.

In the morning, at the training meeting of the Group Headquarters, Ms. Lin Li of the Group Administrative Personnel Center gave a detailed introduction to the development history, organizational structure and various industry sectors of the Group with the emotions of Zhongtian for nearly 12 years.
Our dear president has personally brought a video speech from Beijing, which is nearly 3,000 kilometers away. This kind of intention and attention has moved every new employee present and injected motivation and confidence for the new employees to join Zhongtian. The beginning of the "new" life laid the foundation.

At noon, the training also specially invited the companies, the executives of each section to have lunch with the new employees, and the friendly exchanges with the new employees.
In the afternoon, the Group's Administrative Personnel Center led new colleagues to visit the International Financial Innovation Park, Lianke, Yiju Hotel, Garden Hotel, and Lianfeng Creative Valley Project. The colleagues at the project site were warmly received.

At the end of the training, Mr. Lin, the Group's Administrative Personnel Center, issued a certificate of completion training for each new employee, affirming everyone's day's study and taking a group photo.