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Vanke is close to Zhongtian Creative Industry. Both sides will open up a new world.
Since 2007, Zhongtian Group has cooperated with China Vanke in the first project of “Golden Fields” in Dongguan. The two parties have cooperated in many projects in the real estate field and achieved excellent performance and laid a good foundation for cooperation.
On the other hand, since 2011, Zhongtian Group has made great achievements in innovation and opened up into the field of cultural and creative industries. In just three years, it has achieved remarkable social benefits.

Since the recognition of Zhongtian Group's layout and concept in the field of cultural and creative in recent years, and based on its own innovation, Vanke has taken the initiative to move to the Zhongtian creative industry since the beginning of 2014, seeking cooperation opportunities between the two sides in Wenchuang. .
After a highly constructive discussion and negotiation between the high-level series of Zhongtian and Vanke, on August 21, Mr. Zhang Yukai, President of the Group and Mr. Wang Haiwu, General Manager of Vanke Dongguan Company, as the representatives of their respective companies, formally signed the strategic cooperation between Zhongtian Creative Valley and Vanke. protocol. The two sides will use the Nancheng 769 DreamWorks project as a breakthrough to integrate their respective superior resources and conduct peer-to-peer cooperation.

It is understood that the 769 project will completely retain the original case name and other elements of Zhongtian Creative Valley, and Zhongtian Vanke will form a joint operation team to plan deeper cooperation.
This move indicates that Vanke will rely on Zhongtian's creative industry as an opportunity to open up the third-polar industry sector of Vanke in addition to real estate and business.