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Zhongtian Creative Valley enters northern Guangdong to participate in poverty alleviation activities

Caring for the society and returning to the society are the social responsibilities that every enterprise should shoulder. The Group’s Zhongtian Creative Valley has been fulfilling this responsibility through practical actions, actively participating in various public welfare activities, and exerting and transmitting positive social energy.

Last weekend, the “Baizhu Auxiliary Lechang Shaping Town Class Book Corner Project Implementation Activity” organized by Dongguan Radio and TV Station and Bailu Attendance School came to the mountainous area of northern Guangdong to send books to the children there. As an important participant in this event, Zhongtian Creative Valley also sent beautiful books to children in the mountains by building a book corner for the children.

Shaping Town of Lechang City is more than 300 kilometers away from Dongguan. The journey lasts for more than six hours. The target of this student-oriented activity, Guanshan Hope Primary School, is located in the depths of the mountain. Parents and children attending the school need to walk for more than an hour. Arrivals.

The road to Guanshan Hope Primary School is hidden in the weeds, and everyone can only explore this way.

Guanshan Hope Primary School is not big, but it is the only place where several villages around the country study and study. Many children who go to school here have to walk more than an hour a day.

The children are the easiest to get together. When they arrive at the school, the children in Dongguan have started a game with the children of Guanshan Hope Primary School.

There is no hotel in Guanshan Village. In order not to disturb the normal life of the villagers, the participants in the school camped overnight at the school playground.

Early the next morning, the children gathered together and looked forward to seeing new books.

When I got the book, the children put the book on the bookshelf and built the book corner.
Before the book corner, the children who read the book have become fascinated.

Sending books to the children of the mountain elementary school is only the first step of Zhongtian Creative Valley Charity Aid. Next, Creative Valley will launch more energy, integrate more resources, and pass the knowledge and hope of fire through public welfare. The activity is passed on.
Because of these tender handwritings, one day, a great chapter will be written.