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Group Humen real estate new work [Zhongtian?Yuefu] officially started
On December 17, the foundation ceremony of the Humen Beizha [Zhongtian·Yuefu] project was held. At 11 o'clock in the morning, the project officially started construction with the firecrackers on the four excavators.

[Zhongtian·Yuefu] The project is an urban complex project built by Zhongtian Group, which integrates commercial, hardcover apartments and high-rise houses. The total construction area is about 63,600 square meters.

The project is adjacent to the planned extension of Humen Avenue. It is about 1 km from the electronics industry park that Humen Government is striving to build. It is 1 km from the Humen Expressway of Guangshen Expressway and 1.8 km from Humen Fumin Clothing Business Center.

The completion of [Zhongtian·Yuefu] will effectively promote the high-end, comfortable, idealized and modernized living environment of the district, which will greatly enhance the regional living environment and human environment.
It is expected that the first batch of products will enter the market in the middle of next year.