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Aloft Hotel Dongguan Songshan Lake Opens Zhongtian Hotel has added a new member
On the morning of December 31, the Aloft Dongguan Songshan Lake, located in the Zhongtian and Vanke cooperation project--Songhu Center, was officially opened. Hundreds of guests including project partners and media witnessed this important moment!

The Aloft brand is part of the international hotel management giant Starwood, and has the same brand name as the famous W hotel series. It has a wide brand appeal in the world.
The Aloft Songshan Lake is backed by Songhu Life Square, close to the “Song Lake Smoke Rain” at the head of Dongguan New Eight Views. It has 193 urban-style rooms, featuring holiday-style and business-oriented customers, complete with complete facilities and complete facilities.

As an important jigsaw of the regional ecosystem, the successful opening of the Aloft Songshan Lake marks the completion of the Dasonghu Center project covering the entire business layout of office houses, large commercial malls, tourist attractions, hotels, etc. The area is second to none in the center.

The successful introduction of the Aloft brand also marks the addition of a specialized member of the Zhongtian Group's hotel segment following the four major projects of Yinfeng Garden, Yinfeng Holiday, Yinfeng Yiju and Beijing Heyuan.

In the Songshan Lake area, the Aloft hotel, which represents the dynamic and dynamic, echoes the Yinfeng Yiju Hotel, which represents the tranquility of health and wellness, and becomes the twin star of Zhongtian Hotel in this high-end emerging area!