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Pan Xinchao, member of the Standing Committee of Dongguan Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda, visited and guided the two special projects of Zhongtian Group

In order to fully understand the development of innovation in Dongguan, on May 22nd, Pan Xinchao, member of the Standing Committee of Dongguan Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda, visited the Dongguan Foreign Trade Transformation and Support Service Center and V-work Maker in Zhongtian Creative Valley, Guancheng. The center has two major projects to inspect the construction of the project and provide constructive guidance on the further development of the project. Liu Linhong, secretary of the Wancheng District Party Committee, accompanied the investigation.

The Dongguan Municipal Enterprise Co-construction Project, a foreign trade transformation and upgrading support service center, was located in the Lianfeng Creative Valley Park. The opening ceremony was held last week. Today, Pan Xinchao and other officials have made in-depth understanding and guidance on the project. The staff of the center explained the service and operation of the center for everyone, and made a brief and brief introduction to the preliminary results obtained at this stage.
At present, the center has absorbed 16 professional service agencies including the Hong Kong Productivity Council, Guangdong South China Industrial Design Institute and Taiwan Industrial Design Center. Pan Changmeng and his party expressed their great help to the transformation and upgrading of nearly 20,000 foreign trade enterprises in Dongguan, and the message center is in the future, which can better between the government and enterprises. The role of communication bridge.

After visiting the Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Support Service Center, Mr. Pan and other members came to Zhongtian Creative Valley to launch the V-work Maker Center with the theme of technology business incubator.

The V-work Maker Center is an innovative product centered on the theme of youth innovation and entrepreneurship. The project is based on professional and practical entrepreneurship and will be built to include social international youth apartments and services. One-stop innovation and entrepreneurship whole ecosystem format, such as office, open maker space and O2O exhibition platform.

The center is located in the prosperous Huanhuating business district of Dongguan, close to the main city road of Dongcheng Middle Road, large shopping malls, and scene commercial streets. The Dongcheng Road Station of Metro Line 2, which will be opened at the end of the year, is less than 100 meters. The center is transformed from an eight-storey commercial complex. After renovation, the commercial office area is about 21,000 square meters, and it can be stationed in more than 200 innovative enterprises and a group of service organizations.

At the scene, the staff explained the planning concept of the Maker Center and the prospects for future development for Pan Xinchao and his party. It was widely recognized. Pan Xinchao affirmed the positive role played by Zhongtian in promoting urban innovation and development. The development of the center has put forward many valuable opinions.