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8 workers and peasants joint cultural institutions to create a park "Pioneer Theater" in the regularly provided free of charge to the public drama, musicals, comedy and other small theater
In order to enrich the cultural life of Dongguan people, and to respond to the strategy of building a “cultural city” in Dongguan, Dongguan Cultural Center, Guancheng Cultural Service Center and Zhongtian Creative Valley “Workers and Farmers No. 8” jointly created a “Pioneer Theater” brand small theater in the park. And on June 16th, the "Pioneer Assembly" press conference was held.

The small theater from the West has changed from the beginning of the "single-single-only" to a wave of sweeping Chinese drama. Especially after the completion of the Beijing People's Art Theatre in 1995, the small theater developed in full swing and even affected it on a large scale. Today's popular culture.

In recent years, Dongguan's cultural construction has become better and better, and many people have cultivated interest in watching dramas and enjoying pop art performances. In order to let the local audience who love art and culture enjoy the pioneering culture and artistic performances in their own places, and the local art and culture performers have a place to show, Dongguan Cultural Center, Guancheng Cultural Service Center, Zhongtian Creative Valley “Workers and Farmers” On the 8th, we will jointly create a new public welfare cultural brand activity of “Pioneer Assembly”, establish the first small theater in Dongguan, and provide free performances such as music, dance, drama, and Dongxiao to the masses for the masses to enrich the cultural life of the citizens.

The "Pioneer Assembly" is now inviting the following teams to bring public performances to the audience at the Workers and Peasants' 8th Avantgarde Theater in the coming year: Shenzhen Modern Dance Company, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Dongguan Noise, Liang Xiaozhi Studio, Muir Music, DiamondFreaK Art Group, Haihui YMCA Youth Association, Dongguan TNT Dance Group, Dongguan East Triangle Dance Group, Akabella Accompaniment Group, etc.

The first wave of the "Pioneer Assembly" was the opening of the "Dongguan Popcorn Music Festival" on June 26-27 at the Workers and Peasants No. 8. For two nights in the festival, 14 bands from Guangdong brought everyone into the world of music. Performance bands include (June 26th) dissolve, five fingers, D·Sone, jamboy, slow, Du Pan + A4, lost keybord, (June 27) Deng Ying, fisherman, animal lake, son, different colors瞳, Tropic of Cancer, 瞳 band.

On the evening of June 28th, the "Pioneer Assembly" will launch the Xinghai Conservatory's 2014 graduate concert "Lee Ge·Xi Guan Qing" at the Workers and Peasants' 8th Avantgarde Theater. The concert will also bring the most famous music. The drama "Xiguan Niu Zai".

We hope that the “Pioneer Assembly” brand activity will be rooted in Dongguan and bring the pioneering culture to the people.