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Mr. Zhang Junfan, Chairman of the Group, was appointed as the director of the first advisory board of Sun Yat-sen University
On the morning of July 10, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Sun Yat-Sen University, the doctoral tutor, and Professor Li Ping visited the group headquarters and paid a special visit to Mr. Zhang Junfan, the chairman of the group. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges. During the period, Professor Li Ping presented the letter of appointment for Mr. Zhang Junfan on behalf of Sun Yat-sen University and formally hired Zhang Sheng as the director of the first advisory board of Sun Yat-sen University for a period of three years.
Professor Li Ping said that as an outstanding alumnus of Sun Yat-sen University and the current president of Zhongshan Alumni Association of Sun Yat-sen University, Mr. Zhang Junfan has made great contributions to the development of Sun Yat-Sen University and the close ties of various alumni organizations. The Committee expressed deep gratitude for this and hoped that in the days to come, it would be able to write more and more comprehensive cooperation chapters with Zhang Sheng and its enterprises, and promote the common development and progress of Zhongda University and enterprises.