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The Group expanded its next city and merged with the core of the Wuxiang New District in Vanke Nanning.
At 11 o'clock on the morning of July 24, Guangdong Zhongtian Group and Nanning Vanke took off a large plot of land along the Wuxiang Lake in the core area of Wuxiang New District in Nanning, following the development of the Charming City Project.

The plot number is GC2015-098, covers an area of 71599.67 square meters, and the construction area is nearly 220,000 square meters. It was finally won by Zhongtian United Nanning Vanke with a price of 4,619.577 million yuan, equivalent to a floor price of 2310 yuan/m2.

Wuxiang New District is a newly-developed urban area in Nanning's future. It is positioned as a regional headquarters base that radiates the entire Beibu Gulf. It is equipped with high-speed railway stations and two metro lines and other key cities. The future development potential is huge.

Today, a total of four adjacent plots were taken near the Phoenix Road in Wuxiang Lake in the region. Except for the group, the other three were also captured by the top three domestic developers, Country Garden, Hejing and Greenland.

It is believed that in gathering the resources of partners such as Vanke, the Group will bloom in the land of the core economic zone of ASEAN and continue to develop new expansion models.