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Another film and television masterpiece is here, and Zhongtian's workers and peasants No. 8 are more exciting and looking forward to your excavation!
"Listen to the end of time"

The press conference and the actor's sea election launching ceremony were officially held on the 8th of the workers and peasants on Sunday!

Creating the legendary Chen Qitai

Famous director, award-winning editor Zheng Danrui

Hong Kong senior producer Liu Weiwen

Dongguan local new director Mai Yushu

Visiting the scene, the blessing of the film can be described as star-studded!

As the host of the Workers and Peasants No. 8 held at the press conference, Guangdong Zhongtian Group has always supported the creation of Dongguan film and television and culture. The Workers and Peasants No. 8 as a gathering place of local culture and cultural landmarks in Dongguan welcomes more film and television culture and Hold relevant cultural events.

As the first Renaissance project in Dongguan, Gongnong No.8 has always been adhering to the principle of cultivating all kinds of pioneering frontier cultures and vigorously developing the promotion of local fine culture, so that Dongguan tradition and pioneering culture will be extremely integrated and flourish. In the short time since the opening of the park in October 2015, Gongnong No. 8 has successfully held nearly 30 cultural forums, art exhibitions, concerts, parties and other special events. Each time it attracts thousands of citizens to participate, it has become the most popular in Dongguan. Life experience.

In fact, the press conference "When I heard the end of time" is no longer the first film-based event held by Workers and Peasants on the 8th. With the unique humanistic atmosphere, the gathering of red brick white tiles, theaters, creative containers, Ferris wheel, fine dining and other elements, the popularity of workers and peasants on the 8th has been rising all the way, has attracted the "opening machine", "coffee shop" Many innocent domestic and foreign film and television works, such as Naives and Little Lovers, come to the park to hold a conference or take a photo shoot.

The event was the first time that the production team of "Heard the End of Time" held a press conference in Dongguan. The film producer announced a plan to make everyone "scream". Some actors in this film will decide on the election! In addition, the theme song of the film will be announced to invite May Day to build, and the film temporarily drafted EXO Zhang Yixing, male god Yang Yang, jade female Sun Yi, Guan Xiaotong and Lunuo and other popular stars as the star of the film.

Video introduction:

"Listen to the end of time": The male and female protagonists, separated by a decade, were accidentally connected through a mobile phone because of a sudden intertwined time and space. This wonderful time has not only rewritten their youth, but also changed their feelings and values.

This large-scale investment of more than 40 million yuan is dominated by domestic new director Mai Yushu, and the supervisory system has invited Liu Weiwen, the planning expert of Tianwang-level superstars, to personally practice! As the first cinema masterpiece of the Guangdong New Director, the film has been highly anticipated by the Guangdong film and television industry. In the summer of 2017, we will officially meet with you on the big screen of the Chinese cinema.
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