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Zhongtian & Vanke Guancheng City Plaza opened grandly, and the subway station business perfected the city support
On the day following the official entry into the subway era in Dongguan, the modern one-stop shopping center, Guancheng Vanke City Plaza, which is jointly built by Zhongtian & Vanke, is officially opened.

Zhongtian & Vanke City Plaza has a total area of 37,000 square meters. It is conveniently located at the intersection of Guancheng, Dongcheng and Nancheng. It is adjacent to the Qifeng Park subway station. It is the first commercial project built by Dongguan Vanke Commercial Group in Dongguan City. , created six "first in Dongguan" and one "the best in Dongguan".

Liu Linhong, party secretary of Guancheng Sub-district, and other government leaders attended the opening ceremony. The chairman and president of Guangdong Zhongtian Group and the general manager of Dongguan Vanke, together, sang the lion.

Under the Huangqi Mountain - 700 meters directly to the subway

From the exit A of Qifeng Park Station of Dongguan Metro Line 2, walk up to the ground, and the four characters of Vanke Center will come into view.

Zhongtian & Vanke City Plaza is located at the junction of Guancheng, Dongcheng and Nancheng, which is the junction of Qifeng Road and Dongcheng West Road. It is only 700 meters away from the Qifeng Park subway station, and stands at the square gate to the southeast. You can also see the most famous landmark in Dongguan, the big lantern on the top of Qifeng.

The lion's finishing touch - Xia Yu Shengcai opened

Xia Yu’s enthusiasm was like fire, and the drums were rumbling.

Representatives from the government, Vanke, Zhongtian and partners launched the ceremony together, shinning and cutting the ribbon. Then the giant curtain of Zhongtian & Vanke City Plaza opened slowly and officially opened for business!

Business flagship - leisure and entertainment for you!

Zhongtian & Vanke City Plaza combines shopping, entertainment and leisure, creating a new paradigm for city life, creating six “first in Dongguan” and one “the best in Dongguan”.

The first rooftop Ferris Wheel amusement park, the first old food court, and the first Huaxia Cinema 4D cinema:

The first Walnut Music Tavern, the first Chuanchuan cuisine, the first Jordan store, and the largest Starbucks hand shop

Business Benchmarking - Creating a City Business Office System

The Sky Tower, which stands behind the city square, is the Vanke Center built by Dongguan Vanke and Zhongtian Shengli. It has a total construction area of 280,000 square meters, and integrates 150 meters of landmark Grade A office buildings, Vanke scenes, and multi-functional SOHO. The city's flagship complex, the city square that is currently open, is only the first commercial sector.

In addition to meeting the multiple functions of business office, life entertainment, etc., it also integrates Vanke's first full life cycle service system to create a new benchmark for urban business office system.

The common development of multi-business lines also marks the support of Dongguan Vanke with the support of the strategic partner Zhongtian Group. The strategic layout of the transformation “urban support service providers” is becoming more sophisticated and mature.