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The Group's National Investment Promotion System was officially launched.
On the morning of August 28th, the Group's “National Merchants Promotion Conference” was held in the headquarters of the Group. At the meeting, Ms. Ma Jinling, Assistant to the President, introduced the current projects of the Group and the incentive policies for investment promotion. A total of 50 employees from the group and its subsidiaries attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the project leaders of V-park, Creative Valley, and Business Management Center gave a detailed introduction to their respective projects, and made detailed explanations from the project's regional location, project advantages, and operation conditions, so that the employees present were on the scene. The Group's business projects have gained a deeper understanding. At the same time, Ms. Ma Jinling also announced the Group's latest investment incentive policy to the staff present.

In order to ensure that the national investment promotion work can be implemented in a planned manner and the national investment promotion system can be effectively implemented, the investment incentive policy will be interpreted specifically. I hope that under the new policy incentives, we can mobilize the employees of the company to actively participate in the investment promotion work, so that all employees can make use of the resources around them to make concerted efforts to jointly promote the development of the company's commercial projects and become the company's "business partners". .