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"Cooperation and Innovation", creating a new chapter in life - Chairman Zhang Junfan's message to 2016 Dongguan Middle School graduates

On June 10, 2016, Zhang Junfan, the chairman of Guangdong Zhongtian Group, was invited to attend the 2016 High School Graduation Ceremony of Dongguan Middle School and gave a speech to the Wanzhong Middle School graduated this year as alumni representative.
The host of the scene introduced that Mr. Zhang Junfan was the alumnus of Dongguan Middle School in 1982. The 82-year college entrance examination was admitted to Zhongshan Medical University with the outstanding results of the top ten in Dongguan Science. Later, it founded Guangdong Zhongtian Group, a diversified investment and industry-integrated enterprise, covering the construction and operation of technology and cultural creation industrial parks, real estate and real estate investment, urban renewal and supporting investment, environmental protection and financial business. In addition to the development of the six provinces and nine cities in China, it is also rooted in the United States, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

The Wanzhong middle school students who have been present have just finished an important exam in their life and are looking forward to the upcoming new journey. Chairman Zhang Junfan took the title of "Defining the Future of Life with Cooperation and Innovation". With the feelings of the people in Guanzhong and the concerns of the masters, he sneaked to the students and students of the audience. Cheering. Let's share the full text of the speech by the chairman Zhang Junfan, and send a message to the young talents in Guanzhong, the tomorrow's hometown.

Cooperation and innovation

Dear leaders, old principals, distinguished president Huang, teachers,

My dear schoolmates, everyone: Hello everyone!
First of all, I am very grateful to you for calling me home during this phoenix season, so that I am fortunate enough to listen to the teacher's teachings again and share the joy of graduating from schoolmates. Standing here at this time, as if the time was reversed, the teacher’s teachings were still in my ear, and I felt that all the young stories had never gone far, and I couldn’t help but feel the time flies, and the smiling face of the face was reminded of me. The youth has been around for more than 30 years.

Now, you have just finished a very important test in your life. I think everyone should give themselves some applause, both to affirm the past efforts and to be better for the future. The "future" is a vocabulary of temptation and hope. I believe that everyone has great expectations for the future and how much momentum and potential he has.

But here, I can't provide "successful learning" about "winning the future". I can only talk about my own thoughts about the past experience in the business sea. It may sound like "old soil" or very "chicken soup", but I think this is very valuable to my own business, so share it with you.

The first is to learn to cooperate.

I believe that the most important thing for the schoolmates here is the sense of competition. The concept of "can't lose on the starting line" may have been accompanied by our growth. From childhood, parents were taken to participate in various interest classes, from childhood. He was asked to do his best to take key high schools and key universities. He was instilled from an early age that "want to have a bright future and the future must stand out in the fierce competition." It is true that competition in life is indispensable, but its highest realm is not necessarily that it is the size of the whole, and that it is the only one who seeks to win the enemy, and that the enemy is a friend and win-win cooperation.

What is the basis of the cooperation? I think, first of all, we must strengthen ourselves and strive to improve our own strength in order to get the opportunity to cooperate with others. As Hemingway said in his masterpiece, "Everyone is not an island, and one must be the strongest island in the world before it can become part of the continent." At the same time, we must learn to compromise properly. Confucius said: "Do not do what you want, don't do it to others; do what you want, and reach people." Properly giving up part of your own interests, not only respect for the partners, but also set aside more for yourself. The space of interest. On the contrary, if you are arrogant, you will fight for it, and if you let yourself profit and let others lose money, no one will be willing to accompany you and willing to cooperate with you. Therefore, sometimes compromise is not weakness, but a higher intelligence than struggle.

In the process of business development, I deeply realized the importance of cooperation. Therefore, I adopted the strategy of “Lianqiang University, cooperation and win-win” and became the core strategic partner of China’s real estate leader Vanke, and established with Zhongguancun in Beijing. Strategic cooperation and successful cooperation with many well-known local enterprises and many foreign groups, thus winning a broader development space for the company.

The second is continuous innovation.

In today's era of developed networks and developed information, both knowledge and technology and creativity are rapidly updating. No matter how brilliant achievements have been made, if you enjoy success, you are in danger of being eliminated.

Looking at the history of the development of contemporary enterprises, there is no shortage of lessons from the past. For example, optical giant Kodak has occupied two-thirds of the global market share, but can not adapt to the development of digital imaging technology, the company's business is difficult to continue to apply for bankruptcy; as the communications giant Nokia, but also failed to keep up with the pace of technological innovation, Most mobile phone business and patents had to be sold to Microsoft.

Combining my own entrepreneurial experience, I have a deep understanding of "innovation." Take a creative industrial park in Dongguan as an example. The predecessor of this project is a granary and agricultural warehouse in the former Guancheng District on the east bank. After Dongguan completed the transformation of the industrial city, it has been idle for nearly ten years. We have changed the original commercial real estate operation concept, implemented “cross-border” operation and resource integration, and upgraded the old park and old factory building with certain historical value and cultural symbol value, which not only retained the original architectural form. And historical traces, but also give more elements of fashion, making it an important part of the modern high-end service industry, so that an old granary warehouse of old agricultural materials will renew a new vitality, re-enter the public, become a new urban landscape, realize A win-win situation.

Perhaps at present, it is very important for all of our schoolmates to learn more about the predecessors' existing knowledge and their summed up experience and methods in the basic education stage of secondary school. This is the cornerstone of our progress. Now, you are about to step into a higher school, or you will gradually move toward society. The diversity and possibilities of individual talents will continue to expand. In a new environment without standard reference answers, innovation ability will become an important indicator to measure your quality. Hope You are well prepared!

As an alumnus of Wanzhong, I am fortunate that in the age of ranking points, Dongguan Middle School can still adhere to the quality education concept of “responsible for the lifelong development of students”, while not relaxing the quality of teaching and not relaxing the test results. Adhere to the students to provide a variety of self-display, self-improvement platform, so that everyone learns to seek knowledge, mentality is active and uplifting; learn to be a man, be kind and kind to others; learn to coexist, know how to be modest and courteous Be practical; learn to do things, and be able to harvest and grow in a little bit. This is an important asset in my life. I believe that it will be an indispensable resource for everyone's long-term development. I hope and believe that no matter how many years, no matter where you go, no matter what position, the younger brothers and sisters can fully realize their own life value and bear the heavy love and expectation of their alma mater.

Finally, I wish the students and sisters a great future and a safe life! I wish my alma mater, Dongguan Middle School, the better, the better! thank you all!
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