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Zhenruichao lead The City People's Congress and the People's Congress visited Zhongtian Group Lianke International Information Industry Park
At 9 o'clock on the morning of October 16, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Rui Ruichao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Dongguan University of Technology, Lu Qiyuan, the deputy director of the Municipal Propaganda Department, Wang Yidong, and the director of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, Liang Jiaxuan, and other leaders formed a study tour in Guangdong. Accompanied by a group of people, Zhang Yukai, the president of Tian Group, visited the Zhongtian Lianke International Information Industry Park for inspection and guidance.

During the visit to the China Merchants Operations Center, Huang Wanjun, deputy general manager of Lianke International Information Industry Park, briefed the delegation on the strategic planning, project construction and investment operation of Lianke. The construction area of the first phase of Lianke 100,000 square meters is currently in the stage of completion acceptance and the investment in the park is good. More than 20 innovative technology companies have entered the industry, including electronic information, internet, intelligent terminals, robots, and energy conservation. Innovative companies such as environmental protection...

After listening to the introduction, Zhai Ruichao gave a high evaluation to Lianke International Information Industry Park. He pointed out that as a key project of the province and the city, Lianke International Information Industry Park not only has a good ecological environment, but also has high-quality industrial resources, so it is necessary to give full play to the advantages of Lianke in technological innovation and talent service, and become Dongguan and even China. The high-end electronic information industry gathering area will contribute to the industrial upgrading and transformation as soon as possible!

Subsequently, the leaders of the research delegation moved to the multi-functional conference center on the second floor of the China Merchants Operations Center, and listened carefully to the work report of the company. Deputy General Manager Huang Wanjun once again gave a warm welcome to the representatives of the Municipal People's Congress. It also carried out clear and accurate interpretation and explanation of the core contents of Lianke's regional value, park service support, service platform and project progress.

As one of the colleges and universities that cooperated to build a public talent service platform for human resources docking, Lu Qiyuan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Dongguan Institute of Technology, said after listening to the report that “three are not simple”: First, the progress of project construction is not simple, and second, investment promotion The operating model is not simple, and the third is that the service management team is not simple. “Lianke has made satisfactory progress in infrastructure construction and is more innovative in the investment operation mode. In the first phase of the park, it has already entered more than 20 innovative enterprises, indicating that the investment promotion team in the park is really not simple... ”

Finally, accompanied by Zhang and his entourage, the deputy director of the deputy director, Mr. Rui Ruichao, led the delegation of the Municipal People's Congress to visit the ecological environment and product carriers of the park.