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Guangdong Zhongtian Group held 2016 Strategic Planning Meeting
New year new life.

In order to clarify the development direction of Zhongtian strategy and explore the future strategic planning and implementation path, on January 10, Guangdong Zhongtian Group held a strategic planning retreat. Dozens of participating executives have expressed their opinions on the three major issues of the Group's future business strategy planning, human resources strategy and management of off-site companies.

In the exciting point of view confrontation and thinking collision, the group management has formed a basic consensus on the future strategic planning, and will gradually implement it in the business practice in 2016, and will be implemented in stages.

In 2016, Guangdong Zhongtian Group will bloom new and exciting.

At 8:30, the executives signed in and left a fingerprint on the ink pad.

At 9:00, the strategic planning retreat will begin.

What are the future strategic directions and goals? What successes has the group had in the past? What is the core competitiveness of the group? How to build core competitiveness? What are the key initiatives to achieve strategic goals? How to establish a business model for sustainable management?

Managers cut in from the business segments they manage and think about the group's business strategy.

The more the arguments become clearer, the more clear the ideas are.

The morning passed quickly.

At 14:30, the discussion on the second topic “Human Resources Strategy” opened.

Man is the measure of all things, and man is the foundation of the enterprise.

What kind of HR strategy do we need to ensure business success? How to cultivate and shape our talent team?

When it comes to the human resources strategy, whether it is the business management or the human resources manager, there are endless feelings and endless views. Doubt, sigh, gratification, vision, countless topics.

At 18:00, the third topic, "Management of Off-site Companies," began to be discussed.

As a group company that develops across regions, Zhongtian's various businesses are faced with the test of how to divide the management interface from North China to South China and from domestic to foreign countries.

The management of the meeting talked about their feelings, talked about the difficulties they faced, and talked about the ideas and measures that will be taken.

At 19:30, the strategic planning retreat finally came to an end, and the management of the meeting took a group photo to praise the pre-development attractions in 2016!
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