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"Service and Sharing" - Zhongtian Group executives enter the international financial innovation park enterprise
Sharing economy"
The term was first proposed in 1978 by Marcus Felson, a sociology professor at Texas State University, and Joe L. Spaeth, a professor of sociology at the University of Illinois. Its main feature is an information technology-based market platform created by a third party. And this third-party platform can be a business organization, an organization, or a government. Individuals use these platforms to exchange idle items, share their knowledge, experience, or raise money for companies and an innovative project.
On the morning of July 5, Zhang Yukai, the president of Zhongtian Group, and Ouyang Feng, the vice president of the company, led the elite team of the group to visit the two representative enterprises of Songshan Lake International Financial Innovation Park. Guangdong Zhongtian Group's important purpose of this visit is to use its own advantageous resources in the real estate industry to help the communication between the park and the enterprise, consolidate the services of the park to the enterprise, and build a road for the sharing of resources between the park and the enterprise.

President Zhang Yukai leads the elite team of senior executives to visit the financial park enterprise

Into Dongyuan
Dongyuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving enterprise dedicated to resource recycling, environmental protection and heavy metal wastewater treatment. In the exchange, Chairman Xiao Ying of Dongyuan mentioned that the resources of various aspects of enterprise development have not been fully utilized. Zhang Yukai, the president of Zhongtian, responded that Zhongtian Group is willing to share its internal and external resources, advantages and value system for the enterprises in the park, helping the company to take root and develop in Dongguan.

Everyone speaks freely and expresses their opinions.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Dong Ying Xiao Yingdong said that being able to enter the International Financial Innovation Park is a fate. He is very satisfied with the supporting facilities and services of the park. At the same time, he is also very grateful for this exchange event, which makes the company feel the culture of Zhongtian more deeply.

Chairman of Dongyuan Technology Xiao is also very willing to share his resources with the park.

Entering Xinnong
Guangdong Xinnong Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is the first e-commerce platform for large-scale agricultural product supply chain in China. It combines online trading and offline activities to form a sales platform with scattered small micro-e-commerce and agricultural wholesalers, and apply innovative intelligence. The dispatch system manages the supply chain.

The two sides exchanged ideas on the platform

Chairman of Guangdong Xinnong Jiang Xiumei said that Guangdong Xinnong and Zhongtian Group have similar concepts in their business management strategies, and they all want to ask for a "letter". At the same time, as a platform, Xinnong's business model is very similar to the International Financial Innovation Park: Xinnong aims to support self-employed households, and the International Financial Innovation Park aims to support enterprises. Everyone agrees that as a platform builder, we must maintain an open and shared mindset and play a role in the customer community.

Chairman of Guangdong Xinnong Jiang Xiumei shared the concept of corporate management

Zero threshold service
In addition to understanding the needs of the company, Zhang Yukai, the president of Zhongtian, once again conveyed the service attitude of the park. He believes that the park enterprise is the most valuable resource of the industrial park. It is necessary to serve the enterprises in the park and serve the park enterprises. There should be no threshold.

Industry sky
Guangdong Zhongtian Group is a diversified investment and integration enterprise integrating business and technology, construction and operation of science and technology industrial parks, real estate and real estate investment, urban renewal and supporting investment, environmental protection and financial business. At present, it has nine industrial parks covering cultural and creative industries and technological innovation industries. It is currently the earliest industrial park in Dongguan, the most mature in development, the largest in the park, and the largest in the park. At present, it has an industrial carrier of 1 million m2, more than 500 companies and more than 5,000 scientific and technological personnel. The annual output value of all enterprises in the park has exceeded 10 billion yuan, and the annual output value is expected to exceed 30 billion after the park is put into use.

Zhang Yukai, president of Zhongtian, said that in the concept of industrial park operation, Zhongtian will adhere to the road of openness, cooperation and mutual benefit. At the same time, with high quality and excellent service, it will bring the most practical value to the park enterprises, and finally achieve a win-win situation of resource sharing and common prosperity.