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Zhongtian “V-park” commercial plaza grand opening, another new standard of life aesthetics and business culture
Zhongtian VPARK

On July 8, 2016, Zhongtian “V-park” Commercial Plaza was grandly opened! The commercial plaza has a total construction area of 12,000 square meters. It is located in the hinterland of Dongguan Guancheng and Dongcheng Shuangcheng core business districts. It enjoys convenient transportation and is a centered by Guangdong Zhongtian Group with “customized life, experiential consumption and artistic appreciation”. Park-style, community-based commercial projects.

Guests attending the opening ceremony were: Rui Ruichao, deputy director of Dongguan Municipal People's Congress, secretary of the Party Committee of Guancheng Sub-district, Liu Linhong, director of the People's Congress Liaison Committee, Zhang Yukai, director of Guangdong Zhongtian Group, Ouyang Feng, vice president of Guangdong Zhongtian Group, and member of the party committee of Guancheng Sub-district Zhang Junhua, Assistant General Manager of Dongguan Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd. Liu Jianhua.

Unlike the large-scale copy of the mall design, the “V-park” commercial plaza is a life aesthetics shopping mall, inviting the WOW DESIGN design team with rich architectural planning and interior design experience, such as Guangzhou Taiguhui, Shenzhen Dongmen Mini Vientiane City. The landmark works are all team-oriented, which makes V-park not only dazzling in the setting of the mall, but also more humane. The small size also has a cloakroom and a maternity room.

Different from the traditional shopping malls, “V-park” commercial plaza is based on the combination of experiential business style, which is dominated by consumer demand, respects the sense of participation and experience of consumers, and has so-called slogan requirements for life. Emphasizing the healthy aesthetics of life, and striving to build Dongguan's first small and sophisticated boutique experience block.

Different from the same shopping malls, “V-park” has businesses that do not stick to the rules and use actions to lead the quality of life, such as FAspace Art Life Aesthetics Museum, SOLO Archery Experience Hall, N+ Cross-border Fitness Personal Training Center, VIPBABY for parent-child interactive teaching. The special catering “俺的江湖魚”, the brand flagship store, Banjing Sushi, and the restaurant’s concept of the afternoon tea concept.

“V-park” can boldly try the “quality, so-called” consumer experience concept, which is inseparable from the strong support of Zhongtian Group management. As the entrepreneurial spirit of Guangdong Zhongtian Group, Juzhi and Innovation guide the Vpark project team to strictly demand high standards, do their best to serve the merchants, serve the consumers, and create a wonderful space for business and life aesthetics with new thinking.

“V-park” can be successfully landed and won the support of the Guancheng District Government. The project team will continue to improve in the future, effectively combine business and culture, and strive to become the business model of Wancheng District, the economy of Guancheng and Dongguan. Growth and cultural construction do their part.

Zhongtian "V-park"
Customize your life with your heart
Let your life be called from now on

Address: No. 228, Dongcheng Road, Dongguan City (opposite to McDonald's)