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Entering the enterprise | Interconnection, sharing, and progress —— Zhongtian Group executives walk into Lianfeng Creative Valley
On the morning of October 18, Zhongtian Group's industrial management team entered one of its industrial parks, Lianfeng Creative Valley. The main purpose of this visit was to strengthen the communication between the park and the company through face-to-face communication with the business owners of the park. Consolidate the park's services to enterprises and build a path for resource sharing between parks and enterprises.

Group industry management team enters Lianfeng Creative Valley Park Enterprise

Into the enterprise | Youzhong E-commerce
The Group's industrial management team first came to the mature e-commerce enterprise in the Lianfeng Park, Youzhong E-commerce, to visit and understand the company's operational development model.
After listening to the introduction of Mr. Zeng Jianjie, Chairman of Youzhong E-Commerce, the management team of the group said that the demand for agricultural products in the hotel section of Zhongtian Group is very large. The two sides can choose the cooperation mode of direct supply from the platform, and on the other hand, broaden the procurement channels of Zhongtian. On the one hand, we will achieve mutual benefit and win-win results and promote common development with the park enterprises.
In addition, the initiative of Youzhong's e-commerce platform to use the "Internet +" innovation model to promote industrial development is worth learning.

Dongguan Youzhong E-Commerce Co., Ltd. is an innovative company that focuses on Internet technology, integrates online and offline resources, and is committed to brand-based operations and network-wide brand promotion of quality agricultural products and snack food network marketing services. At present, the company has several Tmall stores, No. 1 shop, Jingdong, Amazon and other stores. The company's sales brands include Daoxiang Group, Xu Fuji, Xizhilang, Shuangyu Old Cake House and Taotaoju.

Into the enterprise | New Southern Science and Education Group
Accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, achieve a high level of rise in Dongguan, the city is the foundation, the industry is the focus, innovation is the lever, and culture is the influence.
In the exchange with Qian Wei, the executive vice president of New Southern Science and Education Group, the group's industrial management team said: “To promote the development of 'learning companies', Zhongtian Group established Zhongtian College this year to further build enterprise knowledge management, The intellectual platform for talent growth and market competition. The college is in the initial stage of construction. There are many questions at present. Today we come to the New Southern Science and Education Group to discuss and learn from each other."

Vice-President Qiang Wei said that the previous understanding of Zhongtian was limited to real estate development and industrial park leasing. Through this in-depth conversation with group executives, it was found that Zhongtian’s various comprehensive services are very helpful for the development of New South. . "In particular, I heard the opinions of Zhongtian Group executives on education, which is very consistent with our school philosophy. We look forward to using our mutual resources to create a new education model."

Xin Wei, the deputy dean of the New Southern Science and Education Group, shared the operational philosophy

Founded in 2008, New Southern Science and Education Group is a comprehensive education investment group that integrates education and training services and educational product research and development. The units under its jurisdiction include: Southern College, South China Vocational Technical School, Songshan Lake Southern Foreign Language School, New Southern Science and Education Investment Co., Ltd., and New South International Creative Center.

Establish mutual assistance relationship and build a shared platform to provide “customized” services for park enterprises
To operate a mature industrial park, it is absolutely not enough to provide simple rental services. The visit of the Zhongtian Group executives is intended to enter the enterprise and listen to the needs of the enterprises in the park; exchanges with each other to let the enterprise know what the park operators are doing; ask the company to improve the quality of the park management services; Linking thousands of enterprises in all major parks in Zhongtian, integrating and building a large platform for resource sharing and talent exchange, and promoting the common progress of Zhongtian and park enterprises.
Zhongtian Group executives also said that the current Zhongtian Industry Group is focusing on the development of financial services, building a big data platform and other diversified industrial chains, in order to help the park enterprises to solve various problems encountered in the operation, Zhongtian will also be based on the enterprise Demand, providing "customized" services to help companies grow and develop.