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The International Financial Innovation Park "Song Chuang Space" is launched!I heard that young people who have dreams and actions have chosen to come here to start a business.
On the morning of November 4th, the international financial innovation park “Song Chuang Space” under the Guangdong Zhongtian Group was officially launched. The platform aims to provide innovative and entrepreneurial services for young people with ideas and actions. On the same day, the leaders of the High-tech Section of the Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau were invited to explain the 2017 technology business incubator funding policy. More than 40 people from the High-tech Section of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, representatives of the park enterprises, and brother incubators attended the event.

Huang Zhili, the leader of the High-tech Section of the Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, and Huang Wanjun, the general manager of the International Financial Innovation Park, jointly unveiled the space for Songchuang Space, and Songchuang Space officially opened!
In response to Premier Li Keqiang’s slogan “Volkswagen Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, the International Financial Innovation Park combines the advantages of the “Internet +” industrial cluster in the park, injects new elements, successfully creates Songchuang Space, and provides dreams for young people with ideas and actions. Innovative entrepreneurial service platform.

At the opening ceremony, Huang Wanjun, general manager of the International Financial Innovation Park, introduced that the space industry plan for Songchuang is the four major industries of mobile internet, intelligent hardware, new materials, new energy and cultural creativity. In terms of hardware, Songchuang Space has planned seven functional divisions: shared office, public meeting, coffee break, project road show, business negotiation, document printing service, product display and hands-on experiment. Providing perfect infrastructure support, fast and convenient entrepreneurial conditions and interactive communication places for Maker. In terms of software services, Songchuang Space provides one-stop innovation and entrepreneurship incubation services for founders, such as founder matching, entrepreneurship incubation, business model polishing, key resource docking, and investment and financing services, to turn ideas into products faster.
“In the trial operation stage, Songchuang Space has attracted a number of Internet projects such as the micro-meal era, the world recipes, Elysee, and the talented e-commerce. It is believed that in the near future, Songchuang Space will attract more outstanding dreams and actions. The team is stationed," Huang Wanjun said.
Into the space of Songchuang

At the end of the event, Huang Zhili, the leader of the High-tech Section of the Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, explained in detail the “Guidelines for the Enrollment of the Technology Business Incubator in Dongguan in 2017”. Let's take a look at what dry goods are there?
Dry goods sharing
Subsidy Time Limit The 2017 Dongguan Incubator Funding Program will only fund grants from January 1st to June 30th, 2016. Subsidy type
1. For subsidies of incubator subsidies, the same incubator can enjoy a subsidy of up to 3 million yuan per year.
2. For the incubator reward class, the same incubator can enjoy a total of 3 million yuan of rewards per year.
3. Supporting the incubating enterprises, providing subsidies for field rent subsidies and loan guarantee fees.
4. Support the incubation and financing institutions, provide incubation investment risk compensation, incubation credit risk compensation, and investment in incubation enterprise subsidies.
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