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A single big country has always been difficult to achieve a climate, and the promotion of industry prosperity has always required mutual symbiosis and mutual benefit. Recently, the industry Zhongtian, Tianan Digital City Group, Everbright Group, Jiahong Group, Dongguan Zhongda Alumni Association and other big coffees active in the industrial real estate stage in Dongguan, gathered in the Lianke International Information Industry Park, colliding with the thinking and innovation, to discuss Dongguan Industry development in the future.

On the same day, He Wen, Managing Director of Dongguan Tianan Digital City, Lin Jianqiang, General Manager of Everbright Wegu, He Zhipeng, Managing Director of Guangdong Jiahong Group, Qi Wenjie, Chen Weimin, and other members of the China University Alumni Association, Ouyang Feng, Chairman of the Industry Zhong Tian, deputy general manager Fang Meiling, Huang Wanjun, He Bolin, accompanied by Yang Bo, CEO of Lianke International Information Industry Park, visited the Lianke International Information Industry Park of Zhongtian Industry Group, and then gathered in Zhongtian Industry. Focusing on the promotion of the industry in Dongguan in the future.

During the visit to the park, all the brother companies placed high praises on the construction and development of Lianke: "Lianke's geographical position is very superior, quiet in the middle of the road, surrounded by mountains and water, low-density buildings, providing a good cultivation for the enterprises. The development environment. In addition, Lianke has officially attracted foreign investment in 15 years. In just over a year, it has attracted more than 80 powerful technology companies and gathered thousands of scientific and technological talents. Such high-speed development has spurred the industry to move forward. Motivation. In the future, I hope that we can make more exchanges and progress together on all aspects of industrial investment and operation!"

(Visit Lianke Park Enterprise)

As a leader in the real economy, Dongguan, industrial transformation and upgrading and new urbanization pilots continue to stimulate the development of industrial real estate. However, opportunities also mean challenges. How to maintain the vitality of the past in the unpredictable economic environment? This has become a problem of repeated thinking and continuous exploration in the industrial real estate circle in Dongguan. Later, at the headquarters of the industry Zhongtian, the leaders of the industrial real estate industry, based on their years of experience in the frontline and the continuous learning and thinking of the industry, put forward a pre-judgment for the accurate analysis of the status quo of industrial real estate and future development.

At present, Dongguan is currently promoting the “multiplication plan” and cultivating the development of key enterprises. It has a very large leading and promoting role for Dongguan's entire industrial development atmosphere and market restructuring. The operators of our industrial parks should firmly grasp the market opportunities and build The nest leads the phoenix, stepping up to attract more powerful enterprises to settle in Dongguan, drop the industrial park, and grow together with the multiplier.
As the backbone of the development of local real estate, Zhongtian has become a new force in the field of industrial real estate in China through years of groping efforts. In the future, the industry will join forces with its brothers to form a solid industrial alliance, complement each other and exchange resources, work together to broaden the development space of Dongguan industry, enhance regional competitiveness, build a benign development ecosystem for the industry, and jointly develop Dongguan Industrial Real Estate. This cake is bigger.