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Industry Zhongtian|Lianke brings park enterprises to Taiwan to sign three modern service industry cooperation projects
From April 5th to 7th, Chen Guiming, secretary of the Party Committee of Dongguan Nancheng Street, led a delegation to Taiwan to carry out investment activities for modern service industry exchanges, and held the “Dongguan Nancheng Modern Service Industry Investment Exchange Conference”.
As a provincial and municipal key project, Nancheng Key Development Technology Industrial Park, Guangdong Zhongtian Lianke International Information Industry Park cooperated with Dongguan Zhengtaihe Win Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Jiexi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Signed a cooperation agreement with Taiwanese companies.
The event was highly promoted and supported by the National Taiwan Business Association and the Nancheng Taiwan Business Association. Nearly 100 representatives from Nancheng and Taiwan, including brand incubation, information consultants, life sciences, lighting system integration, environmental technology and other modern service companies attended the event.

At the exchange meeting, more than 100 cross-strait leaders and representatives of high-tech enterprises gathered

Five service platforms help park business growth
At the exchange meeting, the representatives of Lianke Park gave a detailed introduction to the construction planning of the park and the development of the settled enterprises. “Unlike the traditional rental and sales relationship, Lianke built the investment and financing, talents, production, study and government, and government affairs by means of introducing modern services. The five major public service platforms for information technology provide good production and development services for the park and help the company grow and grow."
The operation mode of Lianke has been well received by the companies on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. "This new type of operational service relationship is forward-looking and it is worthy of our in-depth exchange and study." "Future Lianke will become a high-quality resident of our modern service industry in Taiwan." ".

Lianke's on-site promotion has won high recognition from cross-strait enterprises

Lianke and park enterprises signed three cooperation projects
At the meeting, Guangdong Zhongtian Lianke International Information Industry Park, Dongguan Gaosheng Science and Technology Park, Dongguan Tian'an Digital City and the park enterprises signed cooperation agreements with Taiwan enterprises to further accelerate the development of Nancheng modern service industry.

Dongguan Tianan Digital City representatives share the exchange with the same station

Among them, Lianke and two park enterprises - Dongguan Zhengtaihe Win Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Jiexi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. respectively signed strategic cooperation agreements with Taiwan enterprise projects to build a communication and cooperation platform for resource sharing and information sharing.

Ouyang Feng signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taiwan Enterprises on behalf of Lianhe

Ouyang Feng, chairman and president of the industry, said that it is also a valuable exchange and learning opportunity in addition to seeking new cooperation opportunities. This time, it will operate through the parks of Dongguan Goldman Sachs Science Park and Dongguan Tianan Digital City. The team has exchanged ideas with Taiwan, and the industry has benefited a lot. "We will combine our own superior resources, learn from the advantages of the excellent parks, and apply them to the actual operation to develop together with the park enterprises."
Broaden the development platform, lead the park enterprises to "go out"
Industry Zhongtian is based on the service enterprise-oriented operation idea, providing financial comprehensive services, technology and innovation two-wheel drive to create service-oriented parks, attracting many high-quality enterprises to sign in, including Dongguan Zhengtai wins Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Jiexi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Ouyang Feng said that this time, Zhongtian led two powerful enterprises to “go out” to visit and exchange, and cooperate with local enterprises. It is to implement the concept of “cooperation and sharing” in the industry, share new opportunities with the park enterprises, and seek new ideas. Development, “Industry Zhongtian will always be committed to building a richer and broader platform for the park enterprises. In the future, it will also create more opportunities for enterprises to “go out” to learn, communicate and develop together, and promote the rapid growth of enterprises.”

In the future, relying on the comprehensive supporting services built by the industry Zhongtian, Lianke will make full use of Nancheng as the superior location condition and strong economic foundation of Dongguan City Center, give play to its geographical and resource advantages, accelerate the gathering of Taiwan's modern service industry, and promote closer cooperation with Taiwan. Comprehensive exchanges, multiplying mutual benefit and reciprocity, and creating a demonstration window for modern service industry.