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Huang Chaodong, deputy director of the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, led a team to inspect the department and highly evaluated the development of the e-commerce industry in the park.
On April 13th, Huang Chaodong, deputy director of the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Ke Litian, director of the Nancheng District Business Office, and other leaders of the Dongguan E-Commerce Association Zheng Jianke and Humen E-commerce Industrial Park Chairman Wang Wei, etc. Ouyang Feng, Chairman and President of Zhongtian Co., Ltd., accompanied by He Bo, Deputy General Manager of Industry Zhongtian, and Yang Bo, CEO of Lianke International Information Industry Park, visited Lianke International Information Industry Park and focused on the development of e-commerce in the park.

Huang Chaodong and his party carefully listened to the operation of Lianke and the related policies, resources and services for the development of the e-commerce industry in the Lianke Investment Promotion Hall. Subsequently, the company visited a number of enterprises in the park such as Mehu Science and Technology to understand the achievements and future development direction of the company under the wave of “Internet +”.

In the introduction, Yang Bo, CEO of Lianke Park, said: "Under the current trend of network development, how to combine the 'Internet +' strategy to promote faster circulation of technology, resources and brands has become the key to the success of enterprise development. As a number of high-tech enterprises The gathering of Lianke is constantly thinking and exploring."

In terms of policy guidance, Lianke timely introduced the latest policy dividends to help enterprises understand and use relevant policies and implement them into enterprise development. In the operation service, through the establishment of five major service platforms of finance, talents, services, production, research and information, and information technology, the company will provide all-round support, timely collect enterprise needs, and hold various training seminars to solve the pain of enterprise development.

At present, Lianke has gathered a number of high-quality enterprises to create an ecosystem of e-commerce industry chain.

After listening to the flexible use of "Internet +" to help enterprises realize the development strategy of double the scale of benefits, Huang Chaodong gave high praise. As a new model of social development, "Internet +" is indeed a blue ocean for future economic development. This new model benefits more companies and requires the joint efforts of the government, the park, and the company."

“Today visits and examines Lianke, where eco-integrated technology companies are united and connected, forming a coherent industrial chain from research and development to sales from top to bottom, and more support for the operation of the park and policy guidance. Branch International Information Industry Park will develop into a gathering place for 'Internet +' new industry development!" said Huang Chaodong.