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Sharing and cooperation - Nanning Zhongtian four-year growth road
On July 13, Ye Shaobin, the assistant to the group's president, led the key personnel of the group to enter Guangxi Zhongtian Hengye Investment Co., Ltd. to carry out special training for the company's next development, and through sharing and interactive exchange, let everyone deepen understanding of Nanning Company. From 0 to 1, the growth path from 1 to 6, more clear future development direction.
4 years 6 cities

The strategic decision to start with Zhongtian's visionary vision is also an important measure for Zhongtian Real Estate to lay out across the country.

As a stronghold for the Group's development in Nanning, Guangxi Zhongtian Hengye Investment Co., Ltd. entered the Nanning market in 2013. With the concept of “Building a Heart to Life”, we are committed to providing a pleasant and livable place for urban residents. life experience.

In the past 4 years, the Guangxi team has continuously broken through the development, and the projects of “City of Charisma”, “Vanke City”, “Golden Field Blue Bay”, “Park Lane”, “Golden Field Central” and “Macau Park” jointly created by Nanning Vanke Debuted one after another.

▲ City of charm

▲ Vanke City

▲ Golden Mile Blue Bay

▲ in the park

▲Golden Field Central

▲Macau Park

Sharing, cooperation

Starting a business

4 years and 6 cities, is the fruit of many parties, can not be separated from the Nanning team's forge ahead, can not be separated from the cohesive strength of Nanning Vanke team and excellent trading ability, but also inseparable from the group's investment and financing departments and business units backing Strong support for strength and investment and financing capabilities.
On the same day, not only reviewed and summarized the development history of Nanning Company from 0 to 1, from 1 to 6, the site also carried out five hours of special training around business new tools, business model and financial + real estate model, thereby strengthening the investment of Nanning Company. Ability to expand development space.

In addition, in the two-hour question and answer exchange, on the spot to solve the development of investment capabilities, investment tools, cooperation methods and other doubts and breakthrough points.

Sharing can progress and cooperation will succeed. In the fierce market competition, sticking to the rules, solid and self-defense is the roadblock for enterprise development. Only by actively exploring innovative models, sharing advanced learning experiences, and sharing multi-party resources, the road to enterprise development can go higher and further!
On July 19th, the Nanning team was invited to the group headquarters to conduct horizontal and in-depth exchanges with various sectors such as industry and finance. Next, Nanning will combine the advantages of the Group's industry, finance and other businesses to link resources and strengthen the company!

After four years of baptism and precipitation, the Nanning team will continue to work hard and move forward, and actively practice the more possibilities of living in the future city with an entrepreneurial spirit of tolerance, sharing and forging ahead!

Not afraid of the road ahead, starting again