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"Yinfeng" fourteen years of persistence and wonderful
On the evening of November 30th, the south of Yinfeng Road in Nancheng, Dongguan was on the first light, and the neon flashed.

Yinfeng's story

At the 14th Anniversary “Grateful Dinner” held at the headquarters of Yinfeng Hotel Group, Mr. Maik from Karl Mayer Holding Company of Germany shared his “Yinfeng Story” with all the guests on the spot.

▲ Mr. Maik tells the story of Yinfeng

Mr. Maik came to Dongguan for the first time from Germany and chose Yinfeng as his hotel. "Yinfeng gives me a general feeling." Mr. Maik used the German language to say the plain 10 words, which is the affirmation of Yinfeng’s 14 years of hard work. For more than ten years, Yinfeng Energy has been cooperating with KARL MAYER Holding Company in Germany. It is precisely because Yinfeng adheres to the principle of quality first and conforms to the German “quality” pursuit.

▲ Yinfeng 14th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner

Another Hong Kong guest, Mr. Ye’s “Yinfeng Story” is full of legends. Mr. Ye said that for more than ten years, Yinfeng has kept the daily baggage for him. He has delicious meals in Yinfeng, used to live in the room, embroidered pajamas, bedding, and of course, family. The waiter... This is the “housekeeping service” provided by Yinfeng, which makes every guest stay in Yinfeng and feels like going home.

▲ quiet and sleepy room

Yinfeng's persistence

On November 26, 2003, the first hotel of Yinfeng Hotel Group opened its doors in Yinfeng Road, Nancheng, Dongguan. Since the opening of the business 14 years ago, Yinfeng has always adhered to the service concept of “knowing excellence, serving the brand”, and has established a firm foothold in the market with service and quality.

▲ Yinfeng Garden Hotel

▲ Yinfeng Holiday Hotel

In the past 14 years, Yinfeng Garden Hotel, Yinfeng Holiday Hotel, Yinfeng Yiju, Pullman Hotel in Vietnam, Beijing Heyuan Club, and Nanchang Hotel Project under construction are also connected. One of the roots, the Yinfeng brand is also accompanied by Yinfeng quality and service not only out of Dongguan, but also out of the country.

▲ Yinfeng Yiju Hotel

▲ Aloft Songshan Lake

▲Puerto Silver Hotel, Vietnam



▲Beijing Heyuan

▲ Nanchang Project

Whether it is the old Yinfeng people or the new Yinfeng people, there is a consensus that Yinfeng’s requirements for details have been almost strict, the choice of each accessory in the hotel room, the selection of the restaurant for each set, and the pajamas of the guests. Style, every item in the kitchen, every item, regardless of size, has a set of "Silver Standard".

▲ Yinfeng quality pursuit

A fine jewelry, which is custom-made from abroad; a set of exquisite tableware, which is tailor-made in Jingdezhen. Because of this persistence in quality, in the 14 years of the Yinfeng series of hotels, looking at the quality is the pursuit. In the insistence, Yinfeng not only makes the number of hotels more and more, but also makes the “Yinfeng” brand more and more bright in the baptism of the years.

Yinfeng's wonderful

Under the influence of “Yinfeng Brand”, a group of service teams with “Yinfeng Quality” were forged. Ms. Qian Ruiping, who worked at Yinfeng Hotel Group, started from a grassroots staff, and after 8 years of tempering, she incorporated “Yinfeng Quality” and “Yinfeng Service” into her bones and eventually became “Silver”. The evangelist of Feng Brand.

▲ Yinfeng Hotel Group team photo

When the group formed "Zhongtianxinhe", she single-handedly took the lead and became the team leader. It is this set of "Yinfeng Standard" that makes the team of "Zhongtianxinhe" branded as "hotel-style service". In the future, as the gold property management of Zhongtian Group, the “Zhongtianxinhe” team will manage a property area of several hundred thousand square meters. They will adhere to the service-oriented, quality-first management, and will surely make “Yinfeng Wonderful” bloom everywhere. .

▲ Zhongtianxin and team photos

Not only that, in 2016, when Zhongtian Group planned to develop “Young+” for the long-rental apartment project, Yinfeng’s service concept and quality pursuit were once again perfectly passed down.

▲Home+ young people in the first home of the city

In March 2017, the first project of “Home+” was unveiled in Dongguan Nancheng. The first phase of more than 200 apartments in the hot market was quickly “full rent”. Today, the second phase and the Humen store have also been introduced to the market, with a total scale of more than 500 sets, and the market has responded well. The construction of “Home+” in Shuibu Mountain and Songshan Lake is also in full swing.

When the project operation team talked about why "Home+" can be popular in the market, it summed up two characteristics. The first one is the management mode of Yinfeng Derivative. Although “Home+” is positioned as a long-term rental apartment for young people, it enjoys hotel-style management and service after check-in. The second one is Yinfeng quality, and its own professional team guarantees that the apartment not only has quality guarantee on the hardware, but also optimizes the service quality in the software.

▲Home+ City Youth Life

After 14 years of persistence, Yinfeng did its best, adhered to the quality, achieved others, and hatched a new service brand with “Yinfeng Special Quality”. We believe that Yinfeng, which is steadfast and wonderful, will not forget its original intentions, be steady and far-reaching, and will continue to move forward in the future.

Yinfeng, come on!