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Excellent, become a habit of this team
Editor's note:

They go to the next heart, work hard with wisdom and sweat, work hard with perseverance and perseverance, and step by step to create value for the enterprise. They let the cohesion form a synergy and let the cause sublimate into a mission.

How many days of spring and autumn, how many days, Dan heart casts a sword, they silently devoted their efforts to the cause, melted his body, and turned it into a soul.

They are the best team in the middle of the day, to set an example for better inspiring the team. The platform will launch the 2017 Excellent Team Series Report from now on, so stay tuned!

In October 2010, the first batch of industries in the Tianren began the hard-working period of the road, starting with the official operation of Tianbao Creative Valley. The industrial real estate was like a seed in the roots, and the industry started the development and operation of the park. Exploration.

▲ 2017 most influential team - industry Zhongtian

In the past seven years, the sky in the industry has undergone a quantitative change and sublimation into a long-term change in quality, and then it has reached the maturity stage of peer and market testing before the stage. From the mere provision of physical space to the introduction of a technology service platform represented by the Qingyan Public Technology Service Center, and the independent setting of the Industrial Finance Big Data Service Center to tailor the technology financial services for enterprises...

In 2017, "China's top 18 industrial real estate" and "Lianke won the national technology business incubator" ... spring broadcast autumn harvest, the current harvest comes from the past pay; team wins, today's results stem from the accumulation of countless people create. All the changes are inseparable from the pragmatic and dedicated Zhongtian people who are pioneering and innovative! It is they who have completed the industry in the sky from scratch, from 0 to 1 leap!

Innovation leads: from Dongguan to the whole country

Innovation is not old-fashioned, but good at judging the situation. It is also based on the situation, firming a small goal and continuing to move toward the goal.

From Zhongtian in Dongguan to Zhongtian in China, the industry has gone through a full seven years, 2555 days and nights. Zhongtian, a traditional real estate company that crosses the border, is the first local enterprise in Dongguan to develop its industrial real estate. On the basis of retaining the advantages of its original carrier construction, it has made a decisive attack. The urban renewal project represented by Tianbao Creative Valley officially cuts into the industry. The development and operation of the sector.

From 2010 to 2017, in the long-lost industry, Tianren continues to consolidate the city's upgraded service provider brand. Especially in 2017, the industry Zhongtian team has created one milestone in the history of development: In October 2017, it climbed to the top 18 of China's industrial real estate, and the Zhongtian Park, which is rooted in the land of Guanyin, spreads the seeds of innovation and dreams to the whole country. Everywhere, the industry is famous for its reputation. In December, Lianke International Information Industry Park won the title of National Technology Business Incubator... Up to now, two of the industry's Zhongtian Group have won this “Guo Zihao” award.

"China's top 18 industrial real estate" is a brand-new start. The achievements of deep-rooted 7 years of development are reflected in the industry's recognition and recognition. It is an inevitable achievement of the advancement of the heavens and the peasants in the industry. It is the Zhongtian of Dongguan. Another leap forward to China’s Zhongtian. In the new starting point of the new development stage, the industry will redouble the performance with a hundred times of passion.

Industry-driven: multi-sector coordinated development

Up to now, Zhongtian Park has presented 13 parks everywhere, and its business has radiated domestically. It has formed a closed-loop business chain of seamless switching between “light and light” assets. “Industry + Finance + Real Estate "The three carriages help each other and the development of multiple sectors."

▲Industry Zhongtian Park

At present, the industry Zhongtian is widely known as a window to understand Guangdong Zhongtian, and to a certain extent acted as the spokesperson of Guangdong Zhongtian Group. Zhongtiantian, which focuses on the development and operation of the industrial park, has become a powerful and powerful arm of other business segments of the Group, actively leading the development of multiple sectors and turning the prospect of prediction into the background of action. In the industry, Tianren makes good use of the existing resources to help the future cause: practicing internal strength, building a brand, expanding power, deepening the industry, and building a city.

Different teams: careers with different achievements

2017 is also a year of innovation and change in the industry team. The innovative measures of the integration of the “Industry + Supporting” multi-business segment of Guangdong Zhongtian Group have been confirmed and sublimated again in Zhongtian Park. From a single park to multiple parks, we will develop synergies and support each other. The large-scale operation mode is getting deeper and deeper, and the reorganization of the industry's large operation center is to pay tribute to the original intention. We will do our utmost to create a "enterprise +" - Tianjihui Entrepreneurs Alliance, build an entrepreneurial circle, and achieve corporate dreams.

▲Industry Zhongtian elite team

It may be hard to develop a career, but only when you struggle can you be happy. Everyone in the industry Zhongtian team has their own duties, but the same is to embrace change, not afraid of difficulties, and dare to be the first to bear the spirit; similar is the spirit of the wolf, dare to be bold, high standards, strict Requirements, not the same attitude towards work, the transcendence of goals, the contribution to the future...

Different teams release different forces; different forces create different influences. In 2018, the industry team will continue to adhere to high standards and strict requirements, and forge a team that will become "good" in the spirit of "we are different". With the team spirit of "we are not the same", and the team goal of "we are not the same", with extraordinary combat effectiveness, a different tomorrow will be achieved.